WPIAL results

106–Dewitt (Valley) dec. Griffiths (Southmoreland) 1-0
113–Nolf (Kittanning) dec. Demaske (Jefferson-Morgan) 16-2 (major)
120–Reckner (SS Beaver) dec. Beltz (Keystone Oaks) 8-3
126–Gulibon (Derry) dec. Zanetta (Keystone Oaks) 11-4
132–Kwasny (Charleroi) dec. Edwards (Burrell) 3-2
138–Gavazzi (Charleroi) pinned Dedola (Carlynton) 3:23
145–Sutton (Chartiers-Houston) dec. Boe Bonzo (Freedom) 4-2
152–Walker (South Fayette) dec. Braddock (Blackhawk) 1-0
160–Mizia (Bentworth) pinned Fetchet (South Fayette) :47
170–Conti (Jefferson-Morgan) dec. Vulcano (Chartiers-Houston) 5-2
182–DesLauriers (Burrell) pinned Fields (Valley) 3-2
195–Kitta (Southmoreland) dec. Gray (Mapletown) 4-2
220–Kumer (Fort Cherry) pinned Long (Mt. Pleasant) :48
Hvy–Garry (Fort Cherry) dec. Grandelis (Chartiers-Houston) 2-1 OT

Third and Fourth
106–Howard (JM) dec. McDermitt (Burgettstown) 4-3
113–Swarrow (BC) pinned Carr (South Fayette) 1:59
120–Miller (Jefferson-Morgan) pinned Trimmer (Avonnworth) 2:29
126–Toth (Charleroi) dec. Vahaly (Bentworth) 1-0
132–Gentry (SS Beaver) dec. Zalar (Jefferson-Morgan) 1-0
138–Marra (Burrell) pinned Kusich (Avella) 1:28
145–Fetchet (South Fayette) dec. Wentzel (South Park) 4-3
152–Best (Burrell) dec. Payne (SS Beaver) 12-1
160–Durbin (West Greene) dec. Lesko (Jefferson-Morgan) 1-0
170–Beattie (Burrell) dec. Holt (Mt. Pleasant) 8-2
182–Stroupe (Freedom) pinned Datz (Southmoreland) 2:57
195–Temple (Avella) dec. Cratsenberg (Highlands) 7-5
220–Jacobs (West Greene) pinned Fordyce (Bentworth) 3:00
Hvy–Strickland (Valley) dec. McCloud (Summit Academ) 3-2 UTB

Fifth and Sixth
106–McGinnis (Chartiers-Houston) pinned Charles (Yough) :59
113–Hughes (Valley) dec. Vickless (Bentworth) 10-2 (major)
120–Wood (Bentworth) by default over Robb (Kittanning)
126–Blackmon (West Greene) pinned Black (Jefferson-Morgan) 2:32
132–Abbott (Burgettstown) dec. Emminger (Kittanning) 8-3
138–Charlesworth (Mt. Pleasant) dec. Minarchin (South Allegheny) 3-1
145–Jack (Kittanning) pinned Johnston (West Greene) 4:52
152–Murtha (Mt. Pleasant) dec. Struwe (Beaver) 9-8
160–Abbott (Burgettstown) dec. Talorico (Beaver) 7-1
170–Croyle (Kittanning) pinned Simonelli (Avella) :46
182–Phillips (Jefferson-Morgan) pinned Congie (Chartiers-Houston) 1:49
195–Hitchens (South Allegheny) pinned Shultz-Terling 3:26
220–Givens (Summit Academy) dec. Sever (Yough) 6-2
Hvy–Sappie (Carlynton) pinned Williams (Yough) 4:40

Seventh and Eighth
106–Rothka (Bentworth) pinned chaussard (South Fayette) 3:51
113–Charletta (Yough) pinned Morales (South Allegheny) 2:41
120–Moore (Highlands) pinned Braddock (Blackhawk) 3:32
126–Boozer (Summit Academy) dec. Bowser (Kittanning) 14-3 (major)
132–Stay (Beth-Center) dec. Provenzano (Chartiers-Houston) 9-2
138–Rogers (Washington) dec. Pershina (Fort Cherry) 7-4
145–Nice (Summit Academy) dec. Falleroni (Burrell) 8-3
152–Davenport (Valley) by default over Weinell (Derry)
160–Clark (Valley) dec. Luisi (Chartiers-Houston) 5-2
170–Previte (South Fayette) pinned Richardson (Yough) 2:47
182–Tkach (Fort Cherry) dec. Schreckengost (Kittanning) 8-7
195–Cousins (Freedom) pinned Heinle (Beaver) 3:21
220–Holmes (BC) dec. Klems (Burrell) 3-2
Hvy–Barker (Bentworth) dec. Rush (Jefferson-Morgan) 2-1

106-Griffiths (Southmoreland) dec. McDermitt (Burgettstown) 3-0; Dewitt (Valley) dec. Howard (Jefferson-Morgan) 12-4 major
113-Nolf (Kittanning) pinned Swarrow (Beth-Center) 3:13; Demaske (Jefferson-Morgan) dec. Carr (South Fayette) 2-0
120-Recknewr (SS Beaver) pinned Robb (Kittanning) :468; Beltz (Keystone Oaks) dec. Miller (Jefferson-Morgan) 9-5
126-Gulibon (Derry) pinned Blackmon (West Greene) :50; Zanetta (Keystone Oaks) dec. Toth (Charleroi) 2-1 UTB
132-Kwasny (Charleroi) dec. Abbott (Burgettstown) 9-2; Edwards (Burrell) pinned Gentry (SS Beaver) 5:24
138-Gavazzi (Charleroi) pinned Kusich (Avella) 2:15; Dedola (Carlynton) pinned Marra (Burrell) 3:55
145-Bonzo (Freedom) dec. Wentzel (South Park) 9-3; Sutton (Chartiers-Houston) dec. Johnston (West Greenbe) 6-2
152-Walker (South Fayette) pinned Struwe (Beaver) 5:50; Braddock (Blackhawk) dec. Best (Burrell) 5-2
160-Mizia (Bentworth) pinned Abbott (Burgettstown) 1:04; Fetchet (South Fayette) dec. Durbin (West Greene) 6-1
170-Conti (Jefferson-Morgan) pinned Simonelli (Avella) 3:11; Vulcano (Chartiers-Houston) dec. Croyle (Kittanning) 9-7 OT
182-DesLauriers (Burrell) pinned Datz (Southmoreland) 4:16; Fields (Valley) dec. Stroupe (Freedom) 3-2
195-Kitta (Southmoreland) pinned Shultz-Terling (Chartiers-Houston) 1:40; Gray (Mapletown) dec. Temple (Avella) 7-5
220-Kumer (Fort Cherry) dec. Jacobs (West Greene) 7-1; Long (Mt. Pleasant) dec. Fordyce (Bentworth) 8-3
Hvy-Garry (Fort Cherry) dec. Strickland (Valley) 7-2; Grandelis (Chartiers-Houston) dec. McCloud (Summit Academy) 2-1


Anonymous Anonymous said...

conti won 5-2 in regulation

Saturday, February 25, 2012 11:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WPIAL AA tournament was filled with competitive wrestling and a some great finals.

Sunday, February 26, 2012 12:12:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guilibon honored as the - OW; well-deserved in his 4th WPIAL Championship, no signs of problems with the knee. Nolf and Mizia dominated in their finals. Charleroi had two WPIAL Champions Kwasny and Gavazzi. Reckner looked strong for South side. Conti looks like he will be tough to beat as well.

Sunday, February 26, 2012 6:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What gym was you in at AA?

Sunday, February 26, 2012 10:12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WPIALS AA Finals are on OnDemand on Xfinity-Comcast.

Monday, February 27, 2012 12:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What great matches was there in AA when one gets pinned in 47 sec., another in 48 sec.,another gets hammered 16-2, another 11-4. When you have two 106 pounders wrestle 7 1/2 minutes and the score is 0-0 that's all you need to know about how much excitement there was.

Monday, February 27, 2012 8:26:00 AM  
Blogger Joe Tuscano said...

To Anon 8:26

That's why the WPIAL has a hard time selling tickets to this event. There isn't much suspense.

Monday, February 27, 2012 4:45:00 PM  

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