Bouts for CM, South Fayette Friday

Class AAA Semifinals
Canon-McMillan–37 Easton–35
106–Price (CM) pinned Corallo 1:41
113–Fielibus (E) dec. J. Minor 14-3 (major)
120–Macri (CM) tech fall over Parisi 20-5
126–Schram (CM) tech fall over Saylor 19-4
132–Rizzolino (E) dec. Hritsko 20-8 (major)
138–Baker (E) dec. Hutchin 6-0
145–Kilpatrick (E) won by forfeit
*152–Gibson (E) pinned Martin :31
160–Disora (E) pinned Konyk :31
170–S. Minor (CM) dec. Alford 8-1
182–Wiercioch (CM) pinned Pierson 1:56
195–Greene (E) pinned LaFrance 5:07
220–Campbell (CM) pinned Miller 1:29
Hvy–Broglia (CM) pinned Catalano 1:03

Class AAA Quarterfinals
Canon-McMillan–35 Erie McDowell–27
106–Price (CM) dec. Lenox 3-1
113–Yates (EM) dec. J. Minor 7-5
120–Macri (CM) dec. Deitz 17-8 (major)
126–Schram (CM) tech fall over Cousins 20-5
132–Gibson (EM) won by forfeit
*138–S. Spearman (EM) dec. hutchin 3-2
145–Nolan (EM) pinned Oberhaus 5:52
152–Pihiou (CM) dec. Dailey 5-3
160–T. Spearman (EM) pinned Konyk 2:37 (deduct CM team point)
170–S. Minor (CM) pinned Campanella :33
182–Wiercioch (CM) pinned Rogers 2:37
195–LaFrance (CM) dec. Bradley 2-1
220–Campbell (CM) pinned McLean :21
Hvy–Augustine (EM) dec. Broglia 3-2

Class AA Consolations
Saucon Valley 41 South Fayette 16
106–Hill (SV) dec. John 9-3
113–Cardillo (SF) dec. Drukenmiller 16-4 (major)
120–Israel (SV) dec. S. Carr 3-1
126–Harka (SV) pinned Chaussard 1:21
132–Jusino (SV) pinned Ging 1:38
138–Bisson (SV) dec. Rzepecki 9-0 (major)
145–Schneider (SV) dec. Keck 6-5
152–Buddock (SV) dec. G. Fetchet 17-5 (major)
160–J. Walker (SF) dec. Lynch 6-0
170–M. Fetchet (SF) pinned Dickey :43
182–Kehs (SV) dec. Haney 4-3
195–Z. Walker (SF) dec. Blobe 1-0
220–O’Donnell (SV) pinned Christoff 1:25
Hvy–Ehrlitz (SV) dec. Shildt 6-4


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job for CM, but what's up w/AA? We were 10-3 in AAA, 10-4 if you count D8, and even their loss was to another local, NA. 1-5 in AA?

Sunday, February 10, 2013 3:21:00 AM  

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