Team Tournament Results

Class AAA


Canon-McMillan–31 Franklin Regional–26

106–Price (CM) tech fall over Marshall 15-0

113–Berk (FR) dec. J. Minor 10-8

120–Macri (CM) pinned Turner 1:01

*126–Kemmerer (FR) tech fall over Hritsko 20-5

132–Schram (CM) tech fall over Giannangeli 22-7

138–Smith (FR) tech fall over Oberhaus 15-0

145–Maruca (FR) dec. Hutchin 6-0

152–Shields (FR) dec. Pihiou 13-4 (major)

160–S. Minor (CM) dec. Yant 10-5

170–Painter (FR) dec. Konyk 4-3

182–LaFrance (CM) dec. Pickup 8-1

195–Wiercioch (CM) pinned Rose 2:27

220–Broglia (CM) dec. Zanotto 6-3

Hvy–Fleck (FR) dec. Campbell 3-2 UTB

Class AA

Burrell–35 South Fayette–30
106–Roberts (B) dec. Wolfe 3-2
113–Chaussard (SF) won by forfeit

120–S. Carr (SF) won by forfeit

*126–Greenwald (B) dec. M. Carr 16-15

132–Andrejcik (B) dec. Ging 14-6 (major)

138–Edwards (B) tech. fall over Keck 24-9

145–G. Fetchet (SF) pinned Pattock :30

152–Marra (B) dec. J. Walker 5-3

160–Falleroni (B) tech. fall over Previte 21-6

170–M. Fetchet (SF) pinned Smith 1:16

182–Haney (SF) dec. Klems 3-2 UTB

195–DesLauriers (B) won by forfeit

220–Z. Walker (SF) dec. Cornuet 4-0

Hvy–Beattie (B) pinned Chrystoff 3:09

Third Place

Chartiers-Houston–42 Jeff-Morgan–30
106–Hritsko (CH) dec. Tedrow 9-1 (major)

*113–Howard (JM) pinned Wormsley :19

120–McGinnis (CH) pinned Guthrie :47

126–Demaske (JM) pinned Jones :45

132–Briggs (CH) dec. Kniha 11-3 (major)

138–Miller (JM) pinned Provenzano 3:41

145–Sutton (CH) won by forfeit

152–Zalar (JM) dec. Tatano 5-2

160–Hull (CH) tech. fall over Perkins 20-5

170–Bowlen (JM) dec. Kincaid 4-2

182–Shultz-Terling (CH) tech fall over Patterson 16-1

195–Conti (JM) pinned Saieva 2:09

220–Kraashaur (CH) pinned N. Wolfe 2:19

Hvy–Vulcano (CH) dec. I. Wolfe 9-1 (major)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was at the Jefferson-Morgan/Chartiers-Houston match today. It was a very quiet gym because of the low spectator turn-out and so it was very easy to hear comments, even from across the gym. At one point one of the Jefferson-Morgan wrestlers was bleeding and blood time was called. This must have angered a few female Chartiers-Houston fans sitting near the gym floor. One of them called out a very ignorant comment about why the JM wrestler was taking "injury time" that was clearly heard all across the gym. I've always admired true wrestling fans who come out and support their teams, regardless of the outcome. However, this classless comment, made loud enough for the entire crowd to hear, was particularly disheartening to me since it came from a group that appeared to be made up of perhaps high school girls. What a truly shameful way to "cheer" for a wrestling match. I hope they project a better image most of the time.

Saturday, February 02, 2013 5:55:00 PM  

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