Interesting night

Got to watch Gavin Teasdale for the first time Friday night and he looks like the real deal. Quick, technically sound, strong for a freshman. At 106 pounds, this freshman from Jefferson-Morgan seems quite mature for his 16 years on and off the mat.
Despite the hype, Teasdale will not be the next Cary Kolat , and that's a good thing. The two wrestlers have very different styles at this stage of their careers. Kolat depended on his power and strength as a freshman and Teasdale depends on his quickness and maneuverability. They are not the same wrestler. That's not to say Teasdale can't have the same type of success, but the comparisons to Kolat should end because they are not applicable.
The other pleasurable aspect of the night was A.C. Headlee, a 132-pound senior at Waynesburg. He thrilled the packed crowd at Jefferson-Morgan's gym with a move he learned off YouTube called the Magic Stick. It's a situation where you propel yourself behind your opponent with a leap over his head. Should be called the Magic Frog for the leaping ability required.
Both wrestlers will be competing in the Christmas PowerAde Tournament at Canon-McMillan. It's worth the trip.


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