SW AAA Region results

WPIAL Class AAA Championships
at Canon-McMillan High School
103-Shorts (Canon-McMillan) dec. Forys (N. Allegheny) 3-0
112-Schram (Canon-McMillan) dec. Smith (Franklin Regional) 9-4
119-McGuire (USC) dec. Nelson (Waynesburg) 3-2
125-Megaludis (Franklin Regional) dec. McGinnis (Waynesburg) 17-9
130-Chisko (Canon-McMillan) dec. Pezze (Norwin) 3-2
135-Lydic (Latrobe) dec. Mogan (Bethel Park) 5-2
140-Manion (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Mutkus (Hopewell) 7-1
145-Catalano (Canon-McMillan) dec. Nutter (Pitt. Central Catholic) 3-1
152-Thomas (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. McKinney (W. Allegheny) 1-0
160-Luster (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Zavatsky (Latrobe) 18-7
171-Bonaccorsi (Bethel Park) dec. Baxter (Butler) 5-0
189-Hills (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. McCutcheon (Kiski) 3-1
215-McWreath (Trinity) dec. Mohring (Latrobe) 3-1
Hvy-Klempay (Canon-McMillan) dec. DiLonardo (Plum) 5-1

Consolation finals
103-Buckiso (Peters Twp.) dec. Harrison (W. Mifflin) 6-2
112-Bewak (Hempfield) dec. Small (Latrobe) 1-0
119-Kenney (Connellsville) dec. Connelly (Penn Trafford) 3-2
125-Evanovich (Peters Twp.) dec. Craig (Hampton) 3-0
130-Medlang (Franklin Regional) dec. Wiltrout (Connellsville) 3-2
135-Dobbin (Canon-McMillan) dec. Coles (Norwin) 6-2 OT
140-Tadich (Norwin) dec. Pletcher (Latrobe) 2-0
145-Voytek (Greensburg Salem) dec. Swink (Connellsville) 4-2
152-Johnson (Franklin Regional) dec. Kail (Latrobe) 2-1 OT
160-DeCiantis (N. Allegheny) dec. Spangler (Hempfield) 2-1 OT
171-Coniker (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Lux (N. Allegheny) 2-1 OT
189-Garaofola (Hempfield) dec. Martin (Plum) 7-4
215-Nania (Hampton) dec. Campbell (Canon-McMillan) 16-7
Hvy-Fleck (Franklin Regional) dec. Kuhn (Kiski) 3-2 OT

103-Shorts (Canon-McMillan) dec. Russo (Belle Vernon) 4-0; Forys (N. Allegheny) dec. Hardaway (Kiski) 2-0
112-Schram (Canon-McMillan) dec. Small (Latrobe) 3-2; Smith (Franklin Regional) dec. Bewac (Hempfield) 12-10 OT
119-Nelson (Waynesburg) dec. Connelly (Penn Trafford) 3-0; McGuire (USC) dec. Kenney (Connellsville) 2-0
125-Megaludis (Franklin Regional) pinned Craig (Hampton) 1:01; McGinnis (Waynesburg) dec. Evanovich (Peters Twp.) 9-0
130-Pezze (Norwin) dec. Wiltrout (Connellsville) 4-2; Chisko (Canon-McMillan) tech. fall Medlang (Franklin Regional) 16-0
135-Lydic (Latrobe) dec. Dobbin (Canon-McMillan) 1-0; Mogan (Bethel Park) dec. Coles (Norwin) 5-1
140-Muktus (Hopewell) dec. Pletcher (Latrobe) 3-1; Manion (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Milligan (Albert Gallatin) 11-4
145-Catalano (Canon-McMillan) dec. Voytek (Greensburg Salem) 6-3; Nutter (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Swink (Connellsville) 3-0
152-Thomas (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Kail (Latrobe) 10-2; McKinney (W. Allegheny) dec. Johnson (Franklin Regional) 3-1
160-Luster (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Spangler (Hempfield) 14-5; Zavatsky (Latrobe) dec. DeCiantis (N. Allegheny) 5-2
171-Bonaccorsi (Bethel Park) injury def. Lux (N. Allegheny); Baxter (Butler) dec. Fitzpatrick (Ambridge) 11-2
189-Hills (Pitt. Central Catholic) dec. Hart (Hampton) 10-0; McCutcheon (Kiski) dec. Garaofola (Hempfield) 3-1 OT
215-McWreath (Trinity) dec. Shulman (Hampton) 2-1; Mohring (Latrobe) dec. Balish (Pine-Richland) 11-1
Hvy-Klempay (Canon-McMillan) pinned Fleck (Franklin Regional) 2:28; DiLonardo (Plum) pinned Kuhn (Kiski) 1:17


Anonymous J.Dami said...

C-M 5 CHAMPS 6 QUALIFIERS. You C.S.I boys wanta know the secret. Canonsburg is full of WARLOCK`S and are wrestlers have TIGERS blood in them. Print It. P.S. Congrats to all of these young men who in my book put on an awesome display of wrestling.The W.P.I.A.L tourney is just as grueling as Hershey can be. Good luck all District 7 wrestlers at the Big Show.

Sunday, March 06, 2011 6:26:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trust me they don't all have the same blood, some are from West Virginia and others from various parts of Western pa

Sunday, March 06, 2011 8:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Our Blue and Gold Forever... said...

They all bleed blue and gold now...

Sunday, March 06, 2011 9:29:00 PM  
Anonymous J,Dami said...

Jealously, hate, these are paths to the dark side Anon.You poor soul. Ya gotta have a sense of humor. You to may bleed Blue and Gold someday if we let you.

Sunday, March 06, 2011 10:24:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was happy to see the Catholic Schools (Central and Canon-Mac) do so well at regionals! Shows recruiting is the way of the future.

Sunday, March 06, 2011 10:39:00 PM  
Anonymous hiller non fan said...

recruiting recruiting recruiting did you guys recruit your last state champ or did he just happen to move there while his brother now wrestles for connellsville

Thursday, March 10, 2011 3:30:00 PM  

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