Powerade wrap

If you missed this year's PowerAde Christmas Wrestling tournament, then shame on you for six weeks.
I steal Mike Lange's cliché because it is most appropriate.
Each year, there is something to love in this event. This year, it was the bout between Luke Pletcher of Latrobe and George Phillippi of Derry. It was a wonderful match, full of great defensive moves and the crowd showed their appreciation. Phillippi is great at doing just enough to win - just ask A.C. Headlee about that - but couldn't score enough to beat Pletcher. Everyone knew it was headed to ultimate tiebreaker and Pletcher escaped for a 2-1 win.

Gavin Teasdale, a freshman from Jefferson-Morgan, was magnificent in tearing up Patrick Glory of Delbarton, N.J. 13-3 in earning his first title. Only five wrestlers have become four-time winners in this event. Teasdale was quick and smooth, showing the roots of a great freestyler. If he plays to those strengths, there is no ceiling to what he can accomplish.

Spencer Lee of Franklin Regional showed off his superior skills with an utterly dominating performance in a 15-4 victory over Tyler Agaisse of Delbarton, N.J. at 120 pounds. What's especially impressive is that Lee beat a New Jersey state champion who was undefeated last year. And he did by barely breaking a sweat.

Finally, there was Franklin Regional's strong showing, winning the second straight team title. Great teams don't come along very often so it's nice to watch, and appreciate the collection of talent.


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