Preseason rankings up next

Some of you have wondered why I have waited to release my preseason rankings. The reason is simple. I haven't had the time. Actually, I see no purpose in releasing preseason rankings in the August. A lot can happen in the months leading up to the season, such as two new talented freshmen added to Canon-McMillan's squad.

And once you release the preseason rankings, what do you do after that? It's not as if you can have a different one the following week.

Anyway, I plan to have a team-by-team synopsis before the first matches, showing the returning wrestlers, those lost to graduation and what the team's prospects are. So keep checking for that here.

I will also release a list of the top wrestlers in the WPIAL returning this season, their records and weight class if possible.

So stay tuned, tell your friends the rankings are coming, and give me some feedback.

Oh, one more thing. I welcome any little tidbits of news you come along, so let me know what you hear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When? The season starts next week.

Thursday, November 11, 2010 1:04:00 PM  

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