Selected Powerade Results

Powerade Christmas Wrestling Tournament
at Canon-McMillan High School
Top 15 Teams

1 Central Dauphin 126; 2 Canon-McMillan 116.5; 3. Walsh Jesuit 104; 4. Central Catholic 98.5; 5. Collins Hill Va. 96; 6. Christiansburg 92.5; 7. Solanco 90.5; 8. Chartiers-Houston 84; 9. Latrobe 81.5; 10. Colonial Forge, Va., 81; 11. Burrell 76.5 and LaSalle College 76.5; 13. Forest Park, Va., 75; 14. Hempfield 73; 15. Kissimmee Osceola 71
Local teams
21. Waynesburg 61.5; 36. Charleroi 39; 38. McGuffey 37
Individual Results

103–Riggs (Hunt) dec. Dulaney (Christ) 9-4; Schwartz (CD) pinned Aloi (FP) 2:49; Shorts (CM) pinned Tutolo (WJ) 3:32; Russell (Coll) dec. Thompson (Sol) 3-2
112–Schram (CM) dec. Ferguson-Mitchell (Col) 7-2; Stainbrook (WJ) maj. dec. Simpkins (R) 10-2; Vassar (Ced) pinned Bohince (PT) 4:28; Wert (Christ) maj. dec. Hayes (CF) 9-1
119–Gulibon (D) tech. fall Canterbury (Hunt) 17-2 4:27; Gustafson (FP) dec. Nelson (Wbg) 5-2; Dance (Christ) dec. Bewak (H) 9-3; Keener (BM) dec. Polacek (WH) 5-3
125–Megaludis (FR) tech. fall Minor (CM) 20-4 5:12; McGinnis (Wbg) Vernau (CH) 1:49; Dippery (CD) dec. Traxler (Belle) 4-2; Alexander (SSA) maj. dec. Cotton (Bent) 13-1
130–DiJulius (WJ) pinned Rivas (AD) 1:18; Collica (Sol) dec. Brown (CD) 4-2; Chishko (CM) dec. Choate (BM) 3-1 OT; Fought (Bent) dec. Elias (SSA) 9-2
135–Skonieczny (WJ) tech. fall over Easthom (Hunt) 22-7 3:51; Pesarchick (Sham) dec. Hough (WH) 2-1; Mazzi (LC) dec. Mogan (BP) 5-2; Lydic (L) Landowski (B) 6-4
140–Shaffer (D) dec. Manion (CC) 7-0; Neff (Sol) Galli (St. P) 6-5; Cimato (LC) dec. Lahr (Sha) 6-4; Henderson (KS) pinned Little (FR) 3:28
145–Baldwin (KO) dec. Massaro (MSJ) 5-0; Epperly (Christ) dec. Innes (CH) 8-3; Demor (SSB) dec. Catalano (CM) 1-0; Nutter (CC) dec. Swink (Con) 4-3
152–Thomas (CC) dec. Crivelli (Hope) 3-0; Welk (Sol) dec. Kail Latrobe 3-2; Marsteller (KD) tech. fall over Johnson (FR) 18-2 6:00; Kent (LC) dec. Palmer (AG) 3-1
160–Wiercioch (Charl) dec. Bicak (R) 10-0; Reilly (CF) dec. Springer (LC) 7-3; McKillop (B) dec. McKinney (WA) 8-1; Luster (CC) dec. Eva (Christ) 8-4
171–Bonaccorsi (BP) tech. fall Grieb (Belle) 16-1 4:43; Rill (MSJ) dec. Lowry (AG) 11-7; DesLauriers (B) dec. Moran (Sol) 5-3; Burns (LC) dec. Dickey (Ced) 3-2 RO
189–Courts (CD) tech. fall Taylor (B) 17-2 5:01; Bennett (Col) dec. Burnheimer (WH) 5-0; Reck (CF) Hills (CC) 3-2; Garofola (H) dec. Mohring (L) 9-4
215–Beattie (B) dec. Green (St.P) 1-0; Cook (KS) dec. Tippett (MSJ) 1-0; Nania (H) dec. Campbell (CM) 16-14; Holbert (Col) dec. Grey (Wbg) 5-4
Hvy–Klempay (CM) pinned Hicks (R) :48; Poterfield (Christ) pinned Cole (CC) 3:36; Tillett (Sha) dec. Issah (CD) 4-3; Duplin (WH) dec. Fleck (FR) 1-0

For complete results, see www.poweradewrestling.com


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joe I am just sick about Trinity can you find out what is going on and why Principal Snoke is running athletics. Why would he let us pull our entire team from Powerade? This is embarassing the school is embarassing right now, please check for us.

Thursday, December 30, 2010 12:27:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coach Marino was being proactive to try to get all the boys skin problems healed up. The question of the mats being cleaned is the concern all Trinty parents should have......these things are passed around if the cleaning technique is not proper or for that matter being done at all.

Thursday, December 30, 2010 6:56:00 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

It's my understandings that this skin problem did not develop at Trinity's facilities but at one of the early season tournaments. It's difficult to know exactly, like trying to figure out where you got the germs that gave you the flu.

The school asked that the Waynesburg match be rescheduled, not cancelled, because of those concerns. It was Waynesburg's decision.

It's not unusual for administration to step into this situation. It's a safety issue, not an athletics issue, and they are responsible for the students in the school.

Pulling out of the Powerade tournament was a no-brainer. Hopefully, they will be back next week.

Thursday, December 30, 2010 9:54:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waynesburg was ok wrestling a school with skin disease? And Snoke handles all athletic decisions since AD is new, he was helping with overseeing the cleaning of the weightroom.

Thursday, December 30, 2010 10:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great comment Joe! I finally agree with you on that one...

Thursday, December 30, 2010 1:08:00 PM  

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