Tri-County Results


Tri-County Wrestling Tournament
at Charleroi High School
Team Results
1. Waynesburg 178.5; 2. Canon-McMillan 159.5; 3. Chartiers-Houston 148; 4. Connellsville 129.5; 5. Albert Gallatin 109.5; 6. Bentworth 107; 7. Peters Township 104; 8. Charleroi 98.5; 9. Jefferson Morgan 92.5; 10. Trinity 90; 11. Ringgold 88.5; 12. Fort Cherry 81.5; 13. McGuffey 76; 14. Belle Vernon 71.5; 15. Burgettstown 68; 16. Beth Center 67; 17. West Greene 62.5; 18. Avella 28; 19. Uniontown 20; 20. Washington 9

Individual Results
103 –Colton Shorts (CM) dec. Nathan Russo (BV) 8-2
112–Connor Schram (CM) dec. Nick Gavazzi (Charl) 5-1
119–Derrick Nelson (Wbg) pinned Ethan Kenney (Con) 1:59
125–Zach McGinnis (Wbg) by default over Luke Palamides (PT)
130–Solomon Chishko (CM) tech. fall over Evanovich (PT) 15-0
135–Dario Dobbin (CM) dec. Josh Kwasny (Charl) 3-0
140–Tanner Sutton (CH) dec. Chris Milligan (AG) 5-4
145–Michael Innes (CH) dec. Jesse Swink (con) 4-3
152–Francis Mizia (B) pinned Mike Aumer (Con) 3:42
160–Cody Wiercioch (charl) dec. Garrett Vulcano (CH) 10-1
171–Gus Mizia (B) dec. Sam Guidi (FC) 11-2
189–Jeremy Ellis (Wbg) pinned Gary Kiefer (FC) 3:28
215–Kyle McWreath (THS) dec. Alex Campbell (CM) 6-3
Hvy–Corey Garry (FC) dec. Dean Lusk (R) 3-1

Third & Fourth
103 –John Demaske (JM) by default over Zach Swarrow (BC)
112–Tyler Buckisco (PT) dec. Trevor Wood (B) 7-5 OT
119–Vince Vahaly (B) dec. Rommes (Burg) 3-2
125–Aaron Toth (Charl) dec. Andrew Vernau (CH) 6-4
130–Tanner Wiltrout (Con) dec. Alex Powell (R) 5-1
135–Mike Ardeno (THS) dec. Ryan Williams (Con) 3-2
140–Jake Wisener (R) dec. Eric Jones (Wbg) 8-0
145–Dylan Fleming (Burg) dec. Bo Hampson (Wbg) 13-1
152–Patrick Palmer (AG) dec. Alex Teagarden (Wbg) 4-1
160–Tyler Haines (AG) by default over Quincy Hathaway (JM)
171–Jacob Lowry (AG) dec. Adam Nickerson (BV) 13-4
189–Patrick Jenkins (THS) by default over Joe Phillips (JM)
215–Jake Temple (A) dec. Kyle Gray (Wbg) 3-1
Hvy–Jeff Tarley (BC) dec. Nathan Spinetti (U) 12-6

Fifth & Sixth
103 –Erik Whitfield (McG) dec. Jake Rothka (B) 6-2
112–Brenden Hassan (BV) won by default over Jason Miller (JM)
119–Tyler Harris (McG) dec. Brady Howell (AG) 3-2
125–Christian Whipkey (McG) dec. Tyler Steele (Con) 2-0 OT
130–Dom Pulcini (Burg) dec. Andrew Lis (CH) 9-1
135–Tommy Henderson (Wbg) dec. John Ivashchenko (PT) 5-3
140–Jacob Durbin (WG) dec. Evan Spencer (CM) 3-0
145–Matt Johnson (WG) pinned Nick Smydo (B) 1:27
152–Zan Kail (PT) dec. Devin Fallenstein (R) 7-0
160–Erik Capra (McG) dec. Brent Sink (WG) 18-5
171–Dustin Conti (JM) dec. Brent Blacharczyk (McG) 3-2
189–Chad Muchesko (PT) dec. Jeremt Anesetti (CH) 5-0
215–Tyler Perkins (JM) by default over Neal Rands (R)
Hvy–Nate Grandelis (CH) dec. Michael Weidner-Yetter (Wbg) 6-2

103–Shorts (CM) dec Demaske (JM) 6-2; Russo (BV) dec. Swarrow (BC) 6-3
112–Schram (CM) pinned Miller (JM) 2:47; Gavazzi (Charl) dec. T. Buckiso (PT) 1-0
119–Kenney (Con) dec. Rommes (Burg) 6-2; Nelson (Wbg) dec. Vahaly (B) 12-3
125–McGinnis (Wbg) dec. Vernau (CH) 12-7; Palamides (PT) dec. Toth (Charl) 3-1
130–Chishko (CM) pinned Powell (R) 1:31; Evanovich (PT) dec. Pulcini (Burg) 3-1
135–Dobbin (CM) dec. Williams (Con) 8-1; Kwasny (Charl) dec. Ardeno (THS) 3-1
140–Sutton (CH) dec. Jones (Wbg) 10-2; Milligan (AG) dec. Wisener (R) 3-2
145–Swink (Con) pinned Hampson (Wbg) 1:04; Innes (CH) dec. Fleming (Burg) 10-2
152–Aumer (Con) dec. Palmer (AG) 9-7; Mizia (Bent) dec. Teagarden (Wbg) 13-0
160–Wiercioch (Charl) pinned Haines (AG) :46; Vulcano (CH) pinned Hathaway (JM) 3:34
171–Guidi (FC) dec. Nickerson (BV) 4-3; Mizia (Bent) dec. Lowry (AG) 6-3
189–Ellis (Wbg) dec. Jennings (THS) 5-0; Kiefer (FC) dec. Phillis (JM) 3-2
215–Campbell (CM) by default over Rands (R) 2:00; McWreath (THS) dec. Gray (Wbg) 8-3
Hvy–Lusk (R) dedc. Tarley (BC) 5-3; Garry (FC) dec. Grandelis (CH) 6-1

Key–Albert Gallatin (AG); Avella (A); Belle Vernon (BV); Bentworth (B); Beth-Center (BC); Burgettstown (Burg); Canon-McMillan (CM); Charleroi (Charl); Chartiers-Houston (CH); Connellsville (Con); Fort Cherry (FC); Jefferson-Morgan (JM); McGuffey (McG); Peters Township (PT); Ringgold (R); Trinity (THS); Uniontown (U); Washington (WHS); Waynesburg (Wbg); West Greene (WG)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Waynesburg grapplers. Coach Throckmorten and staff do a great job of keeping the tradition going. Maybe now the Raiders will get the respect they deserve as they take down the mighty Big Macs.

Saturday, January 15, 2011 6:16:00 PM  
Anonymous The trixster said...

Congats to Vince Vahlay. Tell your dad I said hi.

Saturday, January 15, 2011 11:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the only reason waynesburg was able to take first place in that tourney was because canon mac had some of their best wrestlers out with the flu including catalano and klempay two of the best at their respective weights... waynesburg could never beat this canon mac team head to head

Sunday, January 16, 2011 9:55:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It also helps when you recruit macri from west virginia and chishko from penn trafford. Are you guys now calling yourself Cannon Mac Catholic?

Monday, January 17, 2011 5:50:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rommes beat Vahaly for 3rd. It's posted incorrectly on the Tri-county website.

Monday, January 17, 2011 9:11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry i forgot Canon Mac is the only wrestling team in the WPIAL worth talking about. By the way Big Mac lover. Who did better at the Virginia Duals? Canon Mac or Waynesburg?

Monday, January 17, 2011 11:08:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is true that Canon-Mac had some kids out, but that isn't Waynesburg's fault. You have to wrestle with what you have on that day, and on that day Waynesburg was better. Canon-mac has a tremendous team which is obvious from their Powerade victory. Also Canon-Mac and Waynesburg weren't in the same division at the Virginia Duals so that comment really doesn't hold water. As far as recruiting it is garbage. Always has been and always will be. Until the WPIAL starts shutting this kind of stuff down it will never be fair.

Monday, January 17, 2011 11:35:00 AM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I'll check on the Vahaly-Rommes match. It's possible that it was submitted to the scoring table wrong.

Monday, January 17, 2011 12:17:00 PM  

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