Viewing Olympics (and Coleman Scott) on Comcast

Fans wishing to follow Coleman Scott compete on Saturday, Aug. 11 can do so on Xfinity.

Here is the company release:

Comcast customers seeking Olympic programming from London will have their own Passport to the 2012 Games  at no additional cost. Xfinity TV subscribers will have access to view 32 sports and 302 events:

Double and Triple Play customers are automatically verified at the site while in their homes; they can quickly sign in with their Comcast ID when outside their homes. Customers without a Comcast ID can get one at MyComcastID.com. Since all events are streamed live, it’s easy to follow any local athletes in any event.

The xfinity.com/nbcolympics microsite will have in-depth editorial content and highlight what’s on TV, online and on VOD – while allowing you to change channels or schedule a DVR recording.

3,500 hours of live coverage streaming to your mobile device via the NBC Live Extra app (sign in with Comcast ID when app becomes available in mid-July).

On Demand programming before the Games (200 choices available now) and during the Games (800 choices beginning July 26, including Bob Costas’ daily recaps and highlights)

The ability to use a mobile device to plan your Olympic viewing via scheduling filters on the NBC Olympics app, the Xfinity TV app or the Xfinity TV Sports Remote app.

Comcast customers get an unmatched viewing experience with complete content, control and mobility – even if they’re not in front of a TV screen during prime time; even if they’re interested in an event that doesn’t receive live TV coverage; and even if they don’t have their Comcast ID available. In that case, they can use NBCUniversal’s new Temp Pass, a one-time pass that allows instant viewing of one four-hour block of programming at NBCOlympics.com or with the NBC Live Extra app.


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