They get it

Some school districts just seem to get it when it comes to handling coaches, and Burgettstown High School is one of them. At Monday's board meeting, Chris Day, a former wrestler at Trinity High School and Washington & Jefferson College, was hired to replace Terry Havelka. . . on an interim basis.

The hire was made because Havelka wanted to be able to be there when his son competed for Findlay in his senior season of college. He couldn't do that and be head coach at Burgettstown at the same time. So a great idea was formed: allow Havelka to rescind his resignation from the summer and take a one-year leave of absence. Hire Day to take care of the program and welcome Havelka as a volunteer assistant. You can sort things out after next season.

How many school districts would have told Havelka to take a hike? A lot of them. This moves keeps the door open for Havelka to return and it gives Day an opportunity few 26-year-old have in the coaching world: lead a program. Allowing Havelka to serve as a volunteer assistant will keep the kids who want to wrestle for him happy because he'll be at many of the practices.

Some schools just get it.


What a good idea

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