Arrrggh. The team tournament

Most of you know how much I detest the PIAA Team Tournament, or as I call it: The biggest waste of time since the invention of the wheel. Well, now it just got worse. Want to find out why? Here's the link.


Revving the engine

The first scholastic wrestling match is Friday, Dec. 5 so that means Mat Matters will be starting a new season shortly. The hope this year is to make the blog a little bit different, a little more fan friendly and a lot more informative.

One way I hope to do that is to ask for your help. I want you to be my eyes and ears this season, sort of like my assistants. That would be a comforting thing for me, because I cover the wrestling beat by myself. I'd love the company. But I can't really devote all my time until my fall beat – small college football – ends and that might not be until March because of the success of Cal and W&J.

So stick the little press card in your hat - I think that tradition might be over, but what the heck - and send me little tidbits about anything wrestling oriented. I'll decide what I print because, well, it's my blog. Also, I would like to do some "Where Are They Now." updates on wrestlers competing in college. If you have anyone in mind, please send me some info on him.

Don't be shy. Help me make this a better and more informative place to get the area wrestling information.

Or I'll hold my breath until you do.


Waynesburg College preview

Here is the link to the preseason preview of Waynesburg College's wrestling team.