Super 32 results

Canon Mac's Cody Wiercioch took 6th place ce at 182 pounds in the Super 32 wrestling tournament Solomon Chishko was 5th at 145. Schram was entered but did not compete. Not sure why. Wiercioch had a bad ankle and forfeited in the wrestle backs.


Super 32

Here is the link to results from the Super 32 Wrestling Tournament.


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Let's take a breath

I was surprised how much of a reaction that the Beth-Center School Board made when it hired a new wrestling coach. It's obvious there are people in the district passionate about the sport and concerned about how it's being run.
My opinion about the hire is this: I am glad the board picked a new coach rather than shut down the program. There is a great deal of tradition in B-C wrestling and I hope it lasts. How would you feel if the program no longer existed? No true fan should want that.
I am not going to ask everyone to hold hands in a circle and sing kumbaya, because that isn't going to change people's opinion.
The wonderful part about wrestling is that it is an INDIVIDUAL sport. There are 14 weight classes and none of them is dependent on the other. Points don't carry over into the next bout and each new 6 minutes of wrestling has a new face and a new opponent.
So chose the part, and the people, in the wrestling program you believe is worthy of your support and move on.
The season is fast approaching.


Swarrow hired at B-C

Bill Swarrow was hired as varsity wrestling coach at Monday night's Beth-Center School Board meeting. Swarrow replaces Dave Nelson, who was hired for the same job at Charleroi High School.
The school board, as this hires shows, is not considering disbanding the program or creating a co-op with another school district.
Beth-Center will return seven wrestlers from last year's team that went 3-8, including 2-3 in Section 2-A.


On Wiercioch

It would be easy to say that the WPIAL struck a blow against transferring because of athletic intent when it denied the eligibility of former state wrestling champion Cody Wiercioch, who was attempting to transfer to Canon-McMillan from Charleroi.
Unfortunately, we don't know that is true, and it's not because the meeting was held in private and no one commented on the reasons why because of legal issues.
For the past, oh, decade or so, the WPIAL and PIAA have been in a spitting contest over the transfer issue. The WPIAL is not happy with the PIAA because of that organization's tendency to overrule the WPIAL's action. The PIAA apparently has a more sympathetic ear.
From what we know, Wiercioch's transfer seemed to cause at least some debate at the WPIAL Board of Control. The 8-6 vote indicates that.
It's also hard to understand how a transfer can be considered for athletic intent when the family reportedly purchases a house in another district.
Wiercioch's move arguably makes it harder for him to repeat his state title run of his freshman year because of the talent in Class AAA. Remember, the weights have changed and there could be a number of hurdles for Wiercioch to clear to repeat winning a gold, or even a silver medal such as the one he captured last year.
I'm not a fan of transferring because I think it tends to disrupt a child's school life. But this doesn't seem like the right case for the WPIAL to try and make a point. Wiercioch will no doubt receive a scholarship offer no matter where he wrestles because of his past accomplishments. If the family is settled into a new home, and they made the financial commitment, then it's hard to see what the eight WPIAL board members saw in voting against this move.
They're not talking so we don't know if it was to take a stand or stick their collective tongues out at the PIAA.
Let's hope it's the former.


Wiercioch denied

With an 8-6 vote, the WPIAL Board of Control denied the transfer of former state wrestling champion Cody Wiercioch from Charleroi to Canon-McMillan. Board members are not permitted to comment on personnel matters.
Wiercioch is expected to appeal to the PIAA Board of Control, which would require the family and school administration to attend a meeting in Harrisburg.
The Wiercioch family declined to comment.
Wiercioch captured a Class AA state title as a freshman and was runnerup as a sophomore.

Wiercioch hearing today

The WPIAL will hold its hearing on the transfer of Cody Wiercioch from CHarleroi to Canon-Mac today. Mike Kovak will make the two-minute trip from his home to cover it for the paper. And because he loves wrestling .


Guess who wants back into wrestling?

Kurt Angle wants to get real about wrestling again.
Angle believes the time is right to swap that big gold TNA Wrestling championship belt around his waist for another shiny gold medal around his neck.
Creeping up on 43, Angle is serious about becoming an Olympic wrestler for the second time.
The 1996 220-pound freestyle wrestling gold medal winner in the Atlanta Games has scaled back his professional commitments for TNA and dedicated the last seven months to training for a run at making the U.S. team for next summer’s London Olympics.
Up first, a date in the main event of his real job.
Angle defends his TNA title against Bobby Roode in the promotion’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view event Sunday night at Temple’s Liacouras Center.