Must see TV

If you are unable to get to Canon-McMillan for the Powerade finals, you can watch them on the computer by simply going to poweradewrestling.com and clicking on one of the two streaming video links.

Powerade medal round & semifinals

Team Results
1.Central Dauphin 174, 2. Collins Hill, Ga., 147, 3. Christiansburg, Va., 144.5, 4. Connellsville 143.5, 5. Blue Mountain 140.5, 6. Shady Side Academy 138.5, 7. Kissimmee Osceola 122, 8. Latrobe 117, 9. Benton 116.5, 10. Mount St. Joseph 106.
Local teams
12. Canon-McMillan 98, 27. Waynesburg 65, 30. Charleroi 64, 40. McGuffey 37, 43. Trinity 23, 44. West Greene 13

Individual Results
103–Tyson Dippery, Central Dauphin, dec. Connor Schram, Canon-McMillan, 3-2
112–Jimmy Gulibon, Derry, dec. Corey Keener, Blue Mountain, 9-2
119–Nico Megaludis, Franklin Regional, dec. Michael Rhone, Benton, 2-1 ride
125–Mitchell Port, Bellefonte, dec. Dave makara, Burrell, 10-2
130–Frank Martellotti, SS Academy, dec. Tyler Rauenzahn, Blue Mountain, 10-4
135–Travis Shaffer, Derry, dec. Joe locksmith, Kissimmee Osceola, 3-2
140–Josh Kindig, Blue Mountain, dec. Pete Baldwin, Kissimmee Osceola, 10-1
145–Gabriel Bird, Kissimmee Osceola, dec. Jesse Swink, Connellsville, 4-2 OT
152–Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi, dec. Pierce Harger, Moeller, 2-1
160–Marshall Peppelman, Central Dauphin, dec. Eric Hess, Benton, 4-2
171–Kenny Courts, Central Dauphin, dec. Matthew Cunningham, SS Academy, 4-2
189–Jamie Callender, Council Rock North, dec. Michael Pollard, Corry, 9-4
215–Nate Gaffney, Connellsville, pinned Cody Klempay, Canon-McMillan, 3:42
Hvy–Tyler Demott, Benton, dec. Karl Green, Mount St. Joseph, 4-2

Third & Fourth
103–Kenney, Connellsville, dec. Vassar, Cedar Cliff, 6-1
112–Myers, Moeller, dec. Dance, Christiansburg, 6-1
119–Alexander, SS Academy, pinned Nelson, Waynesburg, 3:21
125–Carter, Christiansburg, dec. Fought, Benton, 13-5
130–Toledo, Pleasant Valley, dec. Zymroz, Central Catholic, 2-1
135–Cimato, LaSalle College, dec. Johnson, Franklin Regional, 3-2
140–Thomas, Central Catholic, dec. Smith, Collins Hill, 5-1
145–Nolan, Parkersburg, pinned Schaufele, Mount St. Joseph, 1:45
152–McKillop, Burrell, dec. Springer, LaSalle College, 12-4
160–Hundenski, Hopewell, dec. Gibson, Penn Trafford, 3-1 OT
171–Clemons, Kissimmee Osceola, dec. Bonaccorsi, Bethel Park, 3-2
189–Shaffer, Latrobe, dec. Garofolo, Hempfield, 3-1
215–Collins, Collins Hill, dec. Wolfe, Central Dauphin, 8-3
Hvy–Lazenga, Bethel Park, dec. Ciesielski, SS Academy, 6-1

Fifth & Sixth
103–Simpkins, Ripley, dec. Bohince, Penn Trafford, 5-1
112–Collica, Solon, dec. Bewak, Hempfield, 5-3
119–Longstreth, Council Rock North, dec. Dunaway, McGuffey, 5-0
125–Hough, Westmont Hilltop, dec. Choate, Blue Mountain, 7-4
130–Lydic, Latrobe, dec. Hmmer, Moeller, 3-0
135–Galloway, State College, by default over Catalano, Canon-McMillan
140–Walters, Latrobe, pinned Pesarcheck, Shamokin, 5:22
145–Testa, Hempfield, dec. Demor, SS Beaver, 4-3
152–McKinney, West Allegheny, dec. Lanctot, Council Rock North, 5-2
160–Saylor, Connellsville, dec. Miles, Christiansburg, 2-0
171–Bowman, Mount St. Joseph, dec. Burnheimer, Westmont-Hilltop, 5-1
189–Bennett, Collins Hill, dec. shuman, McGuffey, 4-3
215–Beattie, Burrell, dec. Gosch, Blue Mountain, 2-1
Hvy–Duplin, Westmont Hilltop, dec. Baker, Penn Trafford, 5-0

Seventh & Eighth
103–Reckner, SS Beaver, dec. Byers, Delone Catholic, 6-5
112–Polacek, Westmont Hilltop, dec. Elias, SS Academy, 7-4
119–Locksmith, Kissimmee Osceola, dec. Connnelly, Penn Trafford, 2-0
125–Mitchell, Collins Hill, dec. Manion, Central Catholic, 5-1
130–Ruppert, Delone Catholic, pinned Bosley, Christiansburg, 4:27
135–Kushner, Westmont Hilltop, dec. Small, Delone Catholic, 3-2 ride
140–Mazzi, LaSalle College, dec. Epperly Christiansburg, 7-2
145–Kondrlik, Corry, dec. Shingara, Shamokin, 7-2 OT
152–Eva, Christiansburg, dec. Kail, Latrobe, 1-0
160–Burns, LaSalle College, by default over Farbarik, Franklin Regional
171–Reaghard, West Allegheny, dec. Fox, Hopewell, 7-4
189–McWreath, Trinity, pinned Kromelbein, Pleasant Valley, :59
215–Fedorko, Hopewell, dec. Nania, Hempfield, 9-1
Hvy–Miller, Connellsville, dec. Phillips, Albert Gallatin, 3-1


103-Ty Dippery, Central Dauphin, dec. Jared Simpkins, Ripley, 6-2; Connor Schram, Canon-McMillan, dec. Chris Vassar, Cedar Cliff, 3-0
112-Jim Gulibon, Derry, dec. Anthony Collica, Solon, 6-0; Corey Keener, Blue Mountain, dec. Stephen Myers, Moeller, 2-1
119-Nico Megaludis, Franklin Regional, dec. Alex Dunaway, McGuffey, 15-4; Michael Rhone, Benton, dec. Geoff Alexander, Shady side Academy, 6-1
125-Mitchell Port, Bellefonte, dec. Devin Carter, Christiansburg, 11-4; Dave Makara, Burrell, dec. Brandon choate, Blue Mountain, 9-2
130-Frank Martellotti, Shady side Academy, dec. Ty Lydic, Latrobe, 8-5; Tyler Rauenzahn, Blue Mountain, dec. Jordan toledo, Pleasant Valley, 3-2
135-Joe Locksmith, Kissimmee Osceola, dec. Nick Catalano, Canon-McMillan, 3-0; Travis Shaffer, Derry, dec. Matt Cimato, LaSalle College, 7-1
140-Josh Kindig, Blue Mountain, dec. Lorenzo Thomas, Central Catholic, 8-3; PeteBaldwin, Kissimmee Osceola, pinned Joel Smith, Collins Hill, Ga. 3:45
145-Gabe Bird, Kissimmee Osceola, dec. Ben Schaufele, Mount St. Joseph, 5-2; Jesse Swink, Connellsville, dec. Dave Demore, South Side Beaver, 5-3
152-Pierce Harger, Moeller, dec. Greg Lanctot, Council Rock North, 2-1; Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi, dec. Travis McKillop, Burrell, 2-0
160-Marshall Peppelman, Central Dauphin, pinned Trevor Gibson, Penn Trafford, 1:50; Eric Hess, Benton, dec. Matt Hundenski, Hopewell, 5-0
171-Matt Cunningham, Shady Side Academy, dec. Nick Bonaccorsi, Bethel Park, 1-0; Kenny Courts, Central Dauphin, dec. Levi Clemons, Kissimmee Osceola, 11-3
189-Jamie Callender, Council Rock North, pinned Eric Shaffer, Latrobe, 3:41; Michael Pollard, Corry, dec. Nikos Garofolo, Hempfield, 13-2
215-Nate Gaffney, Connellsville, dec. Kyle Wolfe, Central Dauphin, 8-0; Cody Klempay, Canon-McMillan, dec. C.J. Collins, Collins Hill, Ga. 3-2
Hvy-Karl Green, Mount St. Jospeh, pinned Nick Ciesielski, Shady Side Academy, 2:26; Tyler Demott, Benton, dec. Adam Lazenga, Bethel Park, 5-3

Powerade notes

I would not want to be given the responsibility of seeding this tournament. There is just so much disparity between the different states. The quality of wrestling is not the same. But a champion is a champion, and it's hard to overlook that. ... I like the fact West Greene and Chartiers-Houston are constant competitors in this event, even though they could be more successful somewhere else. It's good for their programs to see such a high level of wrestling early in the season. ... One of the most topsy turvy weight classes is 112, where two pigtail wrestlers - Solon's Anthony Collica and Moeller's Stephen Myers – made the semifinals. ... Connellsville's Nate Gaffney pulled off an unusual feat: back-to-back pins in the same time: 1:57. ... Nikos Garofolo of Hempfield knocked off Trinity's Kyle McWreath and McGuffey's Nick Shuman in the first day. He is having an outstanding tournament for a low seed. ... My dark horse of the tournament - Tanner Hough of Westmont Hilltop - stumbled in the second round but can still finish third. ... Charleroi's Josh Kwasny ran into Nico Megaludis of Franklin Regional in the second round but is still a good bet to finish third. ... Trevor Gibson of Penn Trafford had one of his best wins of the season - 4-3 in overtime against Ethan Saylor of Connellsville in the quarters. His reward is a match against Marshall Peppelman of Central Dauphin in the semis.


Powerade results

Pigtail results

103–No matches
112–Phillip Elias, Shady Side Academy FALL Brandon Lontz, Benton fall :46
Anthony Collica, Solon - OH FALL Jimmy Klose, Mt. St. Joseph - MD fall 1:15
Brett Yanok, Mt. Pleasant FALL Elijah Cathers, Waynesburg fall :37
Stephen Myers, Moeller - OH DEC John Dutrow, Council Rock North 6-3
Joey Dance, Christiansburg - VA FALL Jaron Martin, South Side Beaver fall 2:49
Wade Blackman, West Greene MAJOR Sam Phillips, Parkersburg - WV 9-0
119–Nick Varndell, Central Dauphin TF Darryl Derosa, West Allegheny tech fall 15-0 4:00
Joe Powers, St College FALL Mike Rodarmel, Shamokin fall 1:19
Tim Connelly, Penn Trafford DEC Chris Nuss, Central Catholic 8-3
Tyler Steele, Connellsville FALL Tyler Ashpole, Bellefonte fall :24
Joseph Doyague, Collins Hill - GA TF Cameron Banasick, Trinity tech fall 15-0 3:56
Brian Mellott, Cedar Cliff FALL Roger Woehrle, LaSalle College fall 2:38
Robert Taylor, Derry DEC Jon Peachey, Mt. Pleasant 8-6
125–Zach Dawson, Moeller - OH DEC Ben Gallagher, Cedar Cliff 7-1
Victor LiPari, Chartiers-Houston FALL Alex Yanovich, Pleasant Valley fall 5:06
Skyler Terrell, Parkersburg - WV FALL Dustin Wolff, Corry fall 1:40
Chris Kunkle, Latrobe FALL Mike Becker, Mt. St. Joseph - MD fall 4:31
Greg Black, Charleroi TF Levi Seifert, West Allegheny tech fall 17-1 3:51
Tyler Manion, Central Catholic FALL Dante DeCario, Derry fall :58
130–Devante Brown, Collins Hill - GA FALL Alex Rivera, Kissimmee Osceola - FL fall 1:41
Ty Lydic, Latrobe FALL Matt Johnston, West Greene fall :31
Martin Sams, Bethel Park MAJOR Allan Slezak, Council Rock North 12-3
Matt Lux, Central Dauphin FALL Brandon Forshea, Ripley - WV fall 4:38
Anthony Restifo, Solon - OH FALL Andy Moore, McGuffey fall :30
Michael Ardeno, Trinity DEC Matt Hiltz, Mt. St. Joseph - MD 4-1
Kyle Podvin, Cedar Cliff FALL Austin Gentry, South Side Beaver fall 1:22
Logan Bosley, Christiansburg - VA FALL Tanner Sutton, Chartiers-Houston fall 5:37
Deane Fiasco, Penn Trafford DEC Pat York, Burrell 4-1
135–Tim Foran, Central Dauphin TF Zack Herrle, McGuffey tech fall 15-0 1:54
Josh Lahr, Shamokin MAJOR Aaron Ploppi, Bethel Park 15-7
Mike Pokrinchak, Pleasant Valley FALL Eric Jones, Waynesburg fall 1:55
Bryar Pletcher, Latrobe FALL Dave Skiles, Albert Gallatin fall 5:08
Jeff Hart, Mt. Pleasant DEC Will Toney, Moeller - OH 9-4
Matt Cimato, LaSalle College MAJOR Casey Cameron, Penn Trafford 13-4
Eric Nutter, Central Catholic FALL Steven Rusell, Benton fall :57
Clint Rarick, Blue Mountain FALL Michael Jantorno, Parkersburg - WV fall :38
140–Anthony Dutrow, Council Rock North DEC Nick Bergamasco, Penn Trafford 10-4
Chris Milligan, Albert Gallatin FALL Brad Wendel, Connellsville fall 3:51
Cole Harkins, Burrell DEC Jake Durbin, West Greene 5-1
Stephen Popchak, Westmont Hilltop FALL Dan Burchfield, McGuffey fall 2:28
Nick Skudrna, St Pauls - MD DEC Dan Sullivan, Bethel Park 11-6
Ryan Walters, Latrobe MAJOR Cody Bailey, Corry 12-1
145–Cody Renzelli, Canon McMillan FALL Christian Riley, Bethel Park fall 3:44
Michael Blum, Moeller - OH DEC James Hollawell, Council Rock North 8-3
Cole Murtha, Mt. Pleasant DEC Wade Durbin, West Greene 6-4
Devin Orr, Solon - OH MAJOR Eric Capra, McGuffey 16-6
Hayden Greenwald, Burrell TF Chase Patton, Waynesburg TF 16-1 5:59
152–Cody Miller, McGuffey FALL Chip Helmick, Parkersburg - WV fall 1:21
Kevin Wilhelm, Franklin Regional DEC Brian Dunn, Solon - OH 2-1
Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi FALL Mike Aumer, Connellsville Fall 4:38
Jamison Peake, Central Dauphin FALL Alex Coyne, Bethel Park Fall 3:15
160–Mark Dami, Canon McMillan DEC Kevin Petit, Moeller - OH 7-4
Brad Grieb, Bellefonte DEC Chris Henley, Shamokin 6-0
171–David Heis, Ripley - WV MAJOR John Kalbaugh, Albert Gallatin 13-0
Ryan Burnheimer, Westmont Hilltop DEC Aaron Rooney, Delone Catholic 7-1
Nick Shawley, Bellefonte FALL Ben Forbes, Blue Mountain Fall 4:00
C J Burns, LaSalle College FALL Adam Lis, Franklin Regional Fall :50
Bobby Bowman, Mt. St. Joseph - MD FALL Josh Hanna, Burrell Fall 1:00
Brian Foy, Hopewell FALL Josh Fremd, Connellsville Fall 1:01
Joe Kelly, St College FALL Mike Martin, Canon McMillan fall 4:51
189–Brandon Taylor, Christiansburg - VA FALL Ryan Mahoney, Parkersburg - WV Fall 4:48
Jake Perryman, Bellefonte FALL Joe Shaffer, Shamokin Fall 1:10
Zak Koller, Central Dauphin FALL Matt Stickley, West Allegheny fall 3:48
Bob Haraczy, Central Catholic FALL Matt Lucas, Mt. St. Joseph - MD Fall 1:50
Joel Whittaker, Derry FALL Cory Klems, Burrell fall 3:58
215–No matches
285–Nick Criner, Christiansburg - VA FALL Dave Hauger, Mt. Pleasant fall 1:21
Ben Horwatt, Derry FALL Rich Donuhue, West Allegheny fall 3:14
Wes Tillett, Shamokin FALL Nate Grandelis, Chartiers-Houston Fall 5:07
Jake Linn, Charleroi FALL Michael Weidner, Waynesburg Fall :46
J.D. George, TrinityIan Binotto, Canon McMillan FALL Lukas Goodwill, Corry fall 3:37


103 Lbs:
Filippo Crivelli, Hopewell FALL Justin Alexander, Central Catholic fall 2:48
Ethan Kenney, Connellsville FALL Willie Valentine, Albert Gallatin fall 5:13
Jarred Simpkins, Ripley - WV FALL Tim DeFloria, Hempfield fall 1:23
Tyson Dippery, Central Dauphin FALL Eric Mills, Latrobe fall 1:18
Sean Bianco, Pleasant Valley FALL Ty Millward, St College fall 1:50
Nathan Reckner, South Side Beaver DEC Sean ONeill, Council Rock North 7-0
Willie Bohince, Penn Trafford FALL Kyle Schreckengost, Corry fall 2:20
Nick Hough, Mt. Pleasant FALL Wentling Zack, Franklin Regional fall 5:24
Alex Gosch, Blue Mountain BYE
Matt Welliver, Benton FALL Adam Lurue, West Allegheny fall :48
Connor Schram, Canon McMillan FALL Cole Mattson, Mt. St. Joseph - MD fall :24
Drew Ferguson, Collins Hill - GA FALL Michael Heasley, Waynesburg fall 1:45
Brandon Thompson, Solon - OH FALL Jason West, Parkersburg - WV fall 3:36
Chris Vassar, Cedar Cliff FALL Dan Shepherd, Burrell fall 2:13
Joey Byers, Delone Catholic FALL Dane Peoples, Christiansburg - VA fall 1:12

112 Lbs:
Jimmy Gulibon, Derry FALL Connor Medlang, Franklin Regional fall 2:35
Tim Dusch, Hopewell FALL Ryan Dodd, Chartiers-Houston fall 5:31
Phillip Elias, Shady Side Academy FALL Nick Beneke, Connellsville fall 1:20
Tyler White, Ripley - WV FALL Tim Peters, St Pauls - MD fall 1:12
Josh Polacek, Westmont Hilltop FALL Alex Suder, Cedar Cliff fall 2:30
Anthony Collica, Solon - OH TF Ernest Klingel, Pleasant Valley tech fall 19-2 5:06
J.R. Wert, Bellefonte FALL Matt Bradley, Central Catholic fall 1:08
Paul Bewak, Hempfield FALL Brett Yanok, Mt. Pleasant fall 4:47
Shyheim Brown, Central Dauphin FALL Jake Danley, McGuffey fall :32
Aaron Toth, Charleroi DEC Rob Heuler, Bethel Park 9-5
Stephen Myers, Moeller - OH FALL Brady Howell, Albert Gallatin fall 2:25
Chace Small, Latrobe FALL Carl Samuels, Burrell fall :27
Bazell Partridge, Collins Hill - GA FALL Levi Catalfu, Corry fall 3:47
Joey Dance, Christiansburg - VA FALL Hunter Lang, West Allegheny fall 1:36
Ryan Bohince, Penn Trafford DEC Bryan Pflanz, LaSalle College 7-1
Corey Keener, Blue Mountain FALL Wade Blackman, West Greene fall :15

119 Lbs:
Nico Megaludis, Franklin Regional MAJOR Nick Varndell, Central Dauphin 21-9
Josh Kwasney, Charleroi DEC Brian MacVeigh, Moeller - OH 3-2
Mike Walsh, Westmont Hilltop FALL Austin McFee, Parkersburg - WV fall 1:12
Kevin Johnson, Mt. St. Joseph - MD FALL Joe Powers, St College fall 3:20
Eric Freidman, St Pauls - MD FALL John Thomas, Albert Gallatin fall 1:34
Tim Connelly, Penn Trafford TF Dylan McHaffie, South Side Beaver tech fall 16-0 4:00
Tim Locksmith, Kissimmee Osceola - FL FALL Blake Balsama, Chartiers-Houston fall 3:01
Alex Dunaway, McGuffey DEC Tyler Steele, Connellsville 8-2
Geoff Alexander, Shady Side Academy FALL Joseph Doyague, Collins Hill - GA fall :55
Mike Dahlstrom, Pleasant Valley MAJOR Jarred Burdette, Ripley - WV 9-0
Jessie Redford, Christiansburg - VA MAJOR Jared Kwait, Solon - OH 9-1
Phil Marra, Burrell DEC Blake Uhler, Blue Mountain 9-2
Derrick Nelson, Waynesburg FALL Nick Oberhaus, Canon McMillan fall :40
Brian Mellott, Cedar Cliff DEC Tyler Heydorn, Latrobe 3-2
Shane Longstreth, Council Rock North MAJOR Vinnie Vitolo, Hempfield 15-2
Michael Rhone, Benton FALL Robert Taylor, Derry fall :43

125 Lbs:
Devin Carter, Christiansburg - VA FALL Zach Dawson, Moeller - OH fall 1:14
Anthony Elias, Shady Side Academy MAJOR Jake Vitolo, Hempfield 10-2
Victor LiPari, Chartiers-Houston FALL Dane Shovlin, Shamokin fall 2:40
Casey Kent, LaSalle College FALL Joey Fiasco, Penn Trafford fall 1:01
Tanner Hough, Westmont Hilltop MAJOR Kevin Cegelka, Solon - OH 8-0
Coltin Fought, Benton TF Ryan Williams, Connellsville tech fall 18-2 6:00
Trevor Medlang, Franklin Regional DEC Adam Slezak, Council Rock North 11-5
Mitchell Port, Bellefonte FALL Skyler Terrell, Parkersburg - WV fall 2:19
Dave Makara, Burrell FALL Chris Kunkle, Latrobe fall :48
Zach McGinnis, Waynesburg DEC Jeremy Strickland, Kissimmee Osceola - FL 13-9
Greg Black, Charleroi TF Nate Starkey, Ripley - WV tech fall 20-4 5:52
Kevin Gooding, Central Dauphin TF Andrew Smith, Delone Catholic tech fall 16-0 4:00
Brandon Choate, Blue Mountain MAJOR William Pihiou, Canon McMillan 19-7
Tyler Manion, Central Catholic MAJOR Christian Whipkey, McGuffey 10-0
Phil Kail, Bethel Park TF Connor Clayton, St Pauls - MD tech fall 19-3 4:20
TJ Mitchell, Collins Hill - GA FALL Shane Unen, Hopewell fall :59

130 Lbs:
Frank Martellotti, Shady Side Academy FALL Evan Spencer, Canon McMillan fall :47
Tyler Haines, Albert Gallatin DEC Peter Galli, St Pauls - MD 3-0
Dakota Shea, Franklin Regional DEC Ian Helsel, Westmont Hilltop 7-3
Josh Ruppert, Delone Catholic DEC Devante Brown, Collins Hill - GA 16-9
Dan Dreibelbis, Bellefonte FALL Nick Mathis, LaSalle College fall :49
Ty Lydic, Latrobe MAJOR Tommy Henderson, Waynesburg 15-4
Taner Cogar, West Allegheny DEC Martin Sams, Bethel Park 3-2
Drew Hammer, Moeller - OH FALL Matt Lux, Central Dauphin fall 1:02
Jordan Toledo, Pleasant Valley FALL Anthony Restifo, Solon - OH fall 1:17
Jerry Cramer, Connellsville DEC Michael Ardeno, Trinity 4-1
Damon Drositis, Hopewell MAJOR Kyle Podvin, Cedar Cliff 15-6
Tyler Zymroz, Central Catholic FALL Josh Kunig, St College fall 3:19
Kyle Bratke, Parkersburg - WV FALL Kyle Doud, Benton fall 1:05
Logan Bosley, Christiansburg - VA FALL Chris Pauzer, Shamokin fall 5:29
Garrett Swarm, Hempfield DEC Nick Kloos, Mt. Pleasant 7-0
Tyler Rauenzahn, Blue Mountain FALL Deane Fiasco, Penn Trafford fall :20

135 Lbs:
Joe Locksmith, Kissimmee Osceola - FL FALL Tim Foran, Central Dauphin fall 1:17
Ben Johnson, Franklin Regional MAJOR Ken Scott, West Allegheny 13-4
Josh Lahr, Shamokin DEC Leo Wortman, Bellefonte 5-1
Eric Galloway, St College TF Bobby Skoff, South Side Beaver tech fall 16-1 2:50
Nick Catalano, Canon McMillan MAJOR Hayden Schenker, Council Rock North 12-4
Mike Pokrinchak, Pleasant Valley FALL Chuck Makara, Burrell fall 1:35
Gino Pollock, Mt. St. Joseph - MD FALL Andrew Lis, Chartiers-Houston fall 2:41
Tyler Small, Delone Catholic MAJOR Bryar Pletcher, Latrobe 10-0
Trevor Kushner, Westmont Hilltop FALL Jeff Hart, Mt. Pleasant fall 5:06
Colton Blumer, West Greene FALL Stetson Keedy, Connellsville fall 1:18
Matt Cimato, LaSalle College DEC Zach Epperly, Christiansburg - VA 3-1
Corey Ratliff, Ripley - WV TF Alan Royek, Corry tech fall 15-0 4:53
Allen Willard, Collins Hill - GA FALL Austin Sauter, St Pauls - MD fall 1:12
Eric Nutter, Central Catholic TF Bobby Tempalski, Hopewell tech fall 17-2 6:00
Matt Tadich, Shady Side Academy TF Dave Firestone, Cedar Cliff tech fall 18-1 6:00
Travis Shaffer, Derry FALL Clint Rarick, Blue Mountain fall 3:18

140 Lbs:
Josh Kindig, Blue Mountain FALL Anthony Dutrow, Council Rock North fall :26
Adam Powers, St College MAJOR Marcus Clement, Cedar Cliff 9-0
Justin Kresevic, Solon - OH DEC Brandon Ruble, Parkersburg - WV 6-1
Brady Epperly, Christiansburg - VA FALL Brett Musselman, Benton fall :36
Brandon Pesarchick, Shamokin FALL Brandon Grau, Bellefonte fall 2:28
Jake Chamberlain, Pleasant Valley DEC Chris Milligan, Albert Gallatin 9-6
Joey Mazzi, LaSalle College DEC Cody Mutkus, Hopewell 10-3
Lorenzo Thomas, Central Catholic TF Cole Harkins, Burrell tech fall 16-0 4:58
Pete Baldwin, Kissimmee Osceola - FL FALL Stephen Popchak, Westmont Hilltop fall 2:19
Chris Little, Franklin Regional FALL Colton Peppelman, Central Dauphin fall 5:33
Nick Skudrna, St Pauls - MD FALL Andrew McCall, Canon McMillan fall 1:27
Colin Checkan, South Side Beaver MAJOR Jon Remsing, Waynesburg 16-6
Brady Massaro, Mt. St. Joseph - MD FALL Mike Bosas, Derry fall 3:46
Ryan Walters, Latrobe FALL Shane Harmon, Ripley - WV fall :45
Dan Bruni, West Allegheny MAJOR Tommy Orenbaun, Chartiers-Houston 19-9
Joel Smith, Collins Hill - GA FALL Wyatt Wilson, Moeller - OH fall :54

145 Lbs:
Gabriel Bird, Kissimmee Osceola - FL FALL Cody Renzelli, Canon McMillan fall 1:04
Domenic Testa, Hempfield MAJOR Ryan Soklowski, Pleasant Valley 14-2
Brandon Watral, Blue Mountain FALL Colton Westerbeck, Derry fall 1:52
Jordon Nolan, Parkersburg - WV DEC Josiah Connell, Collins Hill - GA 9-2
Derek Shingara, Shamokin FALL Jesse McQuillan, Westmont Hilltop fall :48
Richie Hall, Latrobe DEC Anthony Petrarca, Franklin Regional 4-3
Nate Evers, Penn Trafford DEC Marco Crivelli, Hopewell 7-6
Benny Schaufele, Mt. St. Joseph - MD FALL Michael Blum, Moeller - OH fall 4:47
Jake Kondrlik, Corry FALL Cole Murtha, Mt. Pleasant fall 3:20
Patrick Palmer, Albert Gallatin DEC AJ Sweigard, Central Dauphin 7-4
Devin Orr, Solon - OH MAJOR Jack Carmody, LaSalle College 14-6
Jesse Swink, Connellsville MAJOR Chris Barksdale, St College 12-3
Garrett Dowdy, Christiansburg - VA FALL Chris Adkins, Ripley - WV fall :43
Garrett Vulcano, Chartiers-Houston TF Marco Redondo, Central Catholic tech fall 17-1 3:20
Dylan Carmichael, Cedar Cliff MAJOR Brad Mutchnick, St Pauls - MD 11-2
Dave Demor, South Side Beaver TF Hayden Greenwald, Burrell tech fall 20-4 5:16

152 Lbs:
Pierce Harger, Moeller - OH FALL Cody Miller, McGuffey fall :28
Lee Supsic, Shamokin FALL Alex Teagarden, Waynesburg fall 2:55
Noah Kail, Latrobe DEC Tyler Rill, Mt. St. Joseph - MD 3-2 OT
Jake Mathews, Penn Trafford FALL David Drago, St College fall 3:41
Greg Lanctot, Council Rock North TF Derrick Komarinsky, Hempfield tech fall 17-2 3:39
Grant Dickey, Cedar Cliff FALL Jon Beal, South Side Beaver fall 1:13
Tyler Leitza, Derry DEC Brandon Vasinko, Mt. Pleasant 5-1
Adam Bicak, Ripley - WV FALL Kevin Wilhelm, Franklin Regional fall 3:35
Rich Eva, Christiansburg - VA FALL Kyle Phillips, Bellefonte fall 1:24
Ryan Carson, Hopewell FALL Jesse Preisler, Corry fall 5:29
Cody Wiercioch, Charleroi MAJOR Colin Ryan, Canon McMillan 9-0
Aaron McKinney, West Allegheny FALL Jared Kline, Benton fall :55
Shane Springer, LaSalle College FALL Jordan Renner, West Greene fall :18
Jamie Hertica, Collins Hill - GA FALL Corbin Nulton, Westmont Hilltop fall :49
Jacob Lowry, Albert Gallatin DEC Travis Moyer, Blue Mountain 4-2
Travis McKillop, Burrell FALL Jamison Peake, Central Dauphin fall :45

160 Lbs:
Marshall Peppelman, Central Dauphin FALL Mark Dami, Canon McMillan fall :10
Brent Blacharczyk, McGuffey DEC Marcus Pizzi, Waynesburg 11-5
Nick Burns, LaSalle College DEC James Kelly, Council Rock North 4-0
Cody Mitchell, Albert Gallatin FALL Ben Sills, St College fall :38
Adam Rutter, Ripley - WV FALL Adam Lindamood, Parkersburg - WV fall 1:45
Trevor Gibson, Penn Trafford FALL Colton Miller, Chartiers-Houston fall 1:33
Nolan Greenwald, Burrell FALL Brady Arentz, Delone Catholic fall :23
Ethan Saylor, Connellsville FALL Sam Patrick, Westmont Hilltop fall 1:03
Matt Hundenski, Hopewell FALL Zac Morris, Corry fall 1:05
Mitch Posel, West Allegheny MAJOR Chris Pagan, Kissimmee Osceola - FL 13-0
Dan Schreffler, Cedar Cliff FALL Shiloh Moore, Solon - OH fall 2:54
Tyler Miles, Christiansburg - VA FALL Pat Riley, Collins Hill - GA fall 1:24
Andrew Farbarik, Franklin Regional DEC Ross Myers, Blue Mountain 7-4
Brad Grieb, Bellefonte FALL Dylan Novak, Mt. Pleasant fall 2:58
Justin Martz, South Side Beaver DEC Dorian Spradlin, Mt. St. Joseph - MD 7-6
Eric Hess, Benton FALL Jason Stewart, Latrobe fall 1:10

171 Lbs:
Matthew Cunningham, Shady Side Academy FALL Alex Powell, Moeller - OH fall 1:27
Perry Hills, Central Catholic MAJOR Clark Ferrell, Parkersburg - WV 14-0
David Heis, Ripley - WV MAJOR Jeremy Ellis, Waynesburg 16-4
Jake Mankey, Benton FALL Mike Bishel, Penn Trafford fall 2:36
Dustin Taubert, Corry MAJOR Cody Jacobs, West Greene 14-4
Ryan Burnheimer, Westmont Hilltop FALL Jeremy Anesetti, Chartiers-Houston fall 5:32
Scott Mohring, Latrobe MAJOR Tommy Thorpe, Charleroi 9-0
Nick Bonaccorsi, Bethel Park FALL Nick Shawley, Bellefonte fall 3:50
Levi Clemons, Kissimmee Osceola - FL FALL Jordan Kusma, Hempfield fall 1:10
Kegan Polastre, Shamokin FALL C J Burns, LaSalle College fall 2:00
Bobby Bowman, Mt. St. Joseph - MD MAJOR Kyle Wood, Mt. Pleasant 16-4
Nick Holbert, Collins Hill - GA FALL Joe Coates, Council Rock North fall 1:52
Troy Reaghard, West Allegheny FALL Mark Garnand, Christiansburg - VA fall 1:11
Brian Foy, Hopewell FALL Patrick Jennings, Trinity fall 4:25
Kyle Kutsko, Solon - OH DEC Nick Sofranko, Derry 12-5
Kenny Courts, Central Dauphin TF Joe Kelly, St College tech fall 15-0 3:32

189 Lbs:
Jamie Callender, Council Rock North FALL Brandon Taylor, Christiansburg - VA fall :40
Joey Congie, Chartiers-Houston FALL Will Kriener, Delone Catholic fall 2:57
Mike Green, St Pauls - MD DEC Ben Nolan, Bethel Park 4-2
Cameron Kroemelbein, Pleasant Valley FALL Chad Mackey, Moeller - OH fall :36
Eric Shaffer, Latrobe DEC Austin Woolsey, Hopewell 4-0
Kyle Grey, Waynesburg DEC Zach Diable, Penn Trafford 8-4
Manny Cassa, Mt. Pleasant DEC Eric Kowalewski, Westmont Hilltop 10-5
Ronnie Mullins, Ripley - WV FALL Jake Perryman, Bellefonte fall 1:41
Mac Bennett, Collins Hill - GA FALL Justin Peterson, Solon - OH fall :43
Nick Shuman, McGuffey FALL Mark Boettger, Franklin Regional fall :34
Frank Gaffney, Blue Mountain DEC Zak Koller, Central Dauphin 5-1
Nikos Garofola, Hempfield DEC Kyle McWreath, Trinity 9-6
Tate Moore-Jacobs, Cedar Cliff FALL Andrew Marsh, South Side Beaver fall 5:36
Bob Haraczy, Central Catholic FALL Zack Fike, Connellsville fall 3:39
Alex Campbell, Canon McMillan FALL Matt Giel, Shady Side Academy fall 3:13
Michael Pollard, Corry FALL Joel Whittaker, Derry fall 1:09

215 Lbs:
Nate Gaffney, Connellsville BYE
Tyler Delorenzo, Latrobe FALL Daris Alum, Albert Gallatin fall 1:11
Dante Nania, Hempfield MAJOR Garrett Lotz, Moeller - OH 13-3
Nash Walters, Corry FALL Brandon Brumley, Waynesburg fall :51
Brook Gosch, Blue Mountain MAJOR Josh Fine, Franklin Regional 13-3
Ray Campbell, Charleroi MAJOR Vahan Shahrimanyan, Solon - OH 18-7
Connor Downs, Penn Trafford MAJOR Jake Mueller, Bellefonte 16-7
Kyle Wolfe, Central Dauphin DEC Tyler Tippett, Mt. St. Joseph - MD 10-3
Brian Beattie, Burrell FALL Stuart Hall, Central Catholic fall :22
Mike Lebo, Cedar Cliff FALL Donnie Hall, West Allegheny fall 2:45
David Hicks, Ripley - WV FALL Logan Stout, Shady Side Academy Fall 2:15
Cody Klempay, Canon McMillan FALL Mark Anonia, Shamokin Fall :55
Brandon Fedorka, Hopewell FALL Ryan Garris, Mt. Pleasant fall :56
Joe Kriener, Delone Catholic MAJOR Stephen Kaschak, Council Rock North 14-3
Matt Green, St Pauls - MD DEC Hunter Deihl, Pleasant Valley 7-2
C J Collins, Collins Hill - GA BYE

285 Lbs:
Karl Green, Mt. St. Joseph - MD FALL Nick Criner, Christiansburg - VA Fall 3:48
Nick Stewart, Central Dauphin FALL Trey Cole, Central Catholic Fall 4:44
Ben Horwatt, Derry MAJOR Garrett Poorman, Bellefonte 8-0
Josh Duplin, Westmont Hilltop FALL JT Naviglia, Burrell Fall :28
Thomas Delain, Collins Hill - GA FALL Jake Stewart, Latrobe fall 4:28
Rob Kelley, Parkersburg - WV DEC Noah Sneeringer, Delone Catholic 3-2 OT
Nate Hoff, Solon - OH FALL Caleb Denny, Moeller - OH fall 2:15
Nick Ciesielski, Shady Side Academy FALL Eric Campbell, Cedar Cliff Fall :20
Adam Lazenga, Bethel Park FALL Tyler Rolshausen, Blue Mountain Fall :33
John Phillips, Albert Gallatin DEC Hunter Lee, St Pauls - MD 8-4
Wes Tillett, Shamokin FALL Luke Fleck, Franklin Regional Fall 1:42
Zach Baker, Penn Trafford FALL Richie Smallwood, Hopewell fall 3:34
Travis Miller, Connellsville FALL Antonino Romano, Council Rock North fall 1:01
Jake Linn, Charleroi FALL Jacob Dillard, Ripley - WV fall 5:10
Patrick Malcomb, South Side Beaver FALL J.D. George, Trinity fall 1:17
Tyler DeMott, Benton FALL Ian Binotto, Canon McMillan fall 1:15

Powerade Christmas Tournament
at Canon-McMillan
103–Simpiks (R) dec. Walsh (Moe) 10-2; Dippery (CD) dec. Bohince (PT) 7-2; Schram (CM) dec. Hough (Mt.P) 9-0; Vassar (Ced) dec. Ferguson (Coll) 4-2
112–Gulibon (D) dec. Elias (SSA) 15-5; Collica (Sol) dec. Bewak (H) 8-3; Myers (Moe) dec. Brown (CD) 5-3; Keener (BM) dec. Dance (Christ) 5-4
119–Megaludis (FR) dec. Johnson (MSJ) 17-6; Dunaway (McG) Connelly (PT) 4-3 ride; Alexander (SSA) dec. Redford (Christ) 12-1; Rhone (Bent) dec. Nelson (Wbg) 5-3
125–Carter (Christ) tech. fall over Kent (LC) 23-8; Port (Belle) dec. Fought (Bent) 8-1; Makara (B) dec. Gooding (CD) 10-0; Choate (BM) dec. Mitchell (Coll) 3-2
130–Martellotti (SSA) dec. Ruppert (DC) 14-4; Lydic (L) dec. Hammer (Moe) 5-1; Toledo (PV) dec. Zymroz (CC) 3-2; Rauenzahn (BM) dec. Bosley (Christ) 14-6
135–Locksmith (KO) dec. Galloway (SC) 3-2; Catalano (CM) dec. Small (DC) 2-1 ride; Cimato (LC) dec. Kushner (WH) 2-0; Shaffer (D) dec. Nutter (CC) 5-1
140–Kindig (BM) pinned Epperly (Christ) 1:04; Thomas (CC) dec. Pesarchick (Sha) 15-7; Baldwin (KO) pinned Checkan (SSB) 1:19; Smith (Col) dec. Wlaters (L) 7-5
145–Bird (KO) dec. Nolan (P) 5-3; Schaufele (MSJ) dec. Shingara (Sha) 12-0; Swink (Con) dec. Kondrik (Cor) 6-2; Demor (SSB) dec. Vulcano (CH) 13-6
152–Harger (Moe) dec. Kail (L) 5-0; Lanctot (CRN) dec. Bicak (R) 2-1; Wiercioch (Charl) dec. Eva (Christ) 3-2; McKillop (B) dec. Springer (LC) 10-3
160–Peppelman (CD) Tech. fall over Burns LC) 15-0; 1:54; Gibson (PT) dec. Saylor (Con) 4-3 OT; Hundenski (Hope) dec. Miles (Christ) 12-2; Hess (Bent) pinned Farbarik (FR) 1:19
171–Cunningham (SSA) dec. Mankey (Bent) 13-1; Bonnaccorsi (BP) dec. Burnheimer (WH) 6-0; Clemons (KO) dec. Bowman (MSJ) 12-6; Courts (CD) dec. Reaghard (WA) 8-2
189–Callendar (CRN) tech. fall over Kroemeibein (PV) 16-1, 3:01; Shaffer (L) dec. Mullins (R) 6-1; Garofolo (H) dec. Shuman (McG) 4-1; Pollard (Cor) pinned Moore-Jacobs 1:52
215–Gaffney (Con) pinned Nania (H) 1:57; Wolfe (CD) dec. Gosch (BM) 4-3; Klempay (CM) dec. Beattie (B) 3-1; Collins (Coll) dec. Fedorka (Hope) 1-0
Hvy–Green (MSJ) dec. Dupin (WH) 6-4 OT: Ciesielski (SSA) dec. Delain (Col) 3-0; Lazenga (BP) pinned Baker (PT) 1:30; Demott (Bent) dec. Miller (Con) 3-2

Team Results
1. Central Dauphin 120 and Collins Hill, Ga., 3. Chirstinasburg, Va., 108, 4. Shady Side Academy 97, 5. Blue Mountain 96, 6. Latrobe 95, 7. Connellsville 86, 8. Hopewell 81, 9. Mount St. Joseph 80, 10. Penn Trafford 80, 11. Canon-McMillan 76, 12. Central Catholic 76, 13. Cedar Cliff 70, 15. Ripley, W.Va. 70
Local team Results
26. Waynesburg 55, 30. Charleroi 49, 36. Chartiers-Houston 39, 41. McGuffey 32, 43. Trinity 18, 44. West Greene 13



One of the best regular-season wrestling tournaments in the country gets under way at Canon-McMillan High School Tuesday, the Powerade Christmas Wrestling Tournament. The lineup is always impressive and the talent is top-notch.
Here are 10 things to look for in this year's event.

1. Marshall Peppelman, Central Dauphin - The 160-pound senior is looking for his fourth Powerade title. Only Ty Moore of North Allegheny has accomplished that feat.

2. Jim Gulibon, Derry - Gulibon went 39-1 last season and won the 103-pound title in Hershey. He's at 112.

3. Nico Megaludis, Franklin Regional - He was a perfect 46-0 last season, winning his second straight state title. Megaludis (112) and Peppelman are the only undefeated wrestlers from last year returning to this tournament.

4. Levi Clemons, Kissimmeee Osceola, Fla. - Went 52-4, won a state title and is making his Powerade debut at 171.

5. Bazell Partridge, Collins Hill, Ga. - Besides a 53-win season last year that produced a state title, he has one of the all-time great names for this "Christmas" tournament. He's at 112.

6. Nate Gaffney, Connellsville - The 215-pounder is a load, and a returning state champion.

7. Shady Side Academy - The school has three wrestlers - Geoff Alexander (119), Frank Martellotti (130) and Matt Cunningham (171) - who could win titles.

8. Christiansburg, Va. - Winning a team title would not be a surprise because this team has won eight of them in the Virginia tournament.

9. A dark horse - Tanner Hough of Westmont Hilltop, a fifth seed at 125.

10. The youngsters - It will be interesting to see how three freshmen - Cody Wiercioch (152) of Charleroi and Tanner Sutton (130) and Garrett Vulcano (145) of Chartiers-Houston - perform in this event.

Who won't be there: Mike Hull of Canon-McMillan is only competing in team events this season.

Schedule - The two-day tournament begins 8:30 a.m. Tuesday. Semifinals are 11:30 a.m. Wednesday with the finals at 7:30 p.m. There is a ton of wrestling in between.


Merry Christmas


Team rankings

Class AAA

1. Connellsville

2. Canon-McMillan

3. Derry

4. Latrobe

5. Penn Trafford

Class AA

1. Burrell

2. SS Academy

3. Chartiers-Houston

4. Yough

5. Charleroi


Trinity rally

A rally has been planned for 7 p.m. Tuesday night at North Franklin Township Fire Hall for individuals who are unhappy with the Trinity School Board's decision to open the positions of all fall coaching positions, including football coach and AD Ed Dalton, and the possibility of opening the winter coaching positions, including wrestling.


Marino one-and-done?

If you happened to have read Dawn Goodman's piece in today's O-R about the protests planned over the firing of Ed Dalton as Trinity's football coach and athletic director and others, then you might have caught this from Trinity board member Scott Day:

"Day said he anticipates that the winter and spring coaching positions will be opened up . . . "

Day appears to be saying that Hillers' wrestling coach Mike Marino is going to be fired after the season, along with the rest of the winter coaches. Marino was hired to replace Jeff Bricker after Bricker resigned after last season. While Marino is in his first season as head coach, he has been a part of the Trinity wrestling program for years and is a familiar face to the athletes.

If this is the plan, then the board should remember this: There is no quicker way to destroy the stability of an athletic program than to continually change coaches.

Week 1 thoughts

Congratulations to Colton Blumer of West Greene, who won his 100th career bout in a dual meet against Washington. Arlene Lantzer sent the photo in to me. ... In case you were wondering, the pronunciation of Charleroi's freshman is Cody Ware-chuk. You will hear his name a lot during the season. ... Charleroi has a good chance to make the Class AA Team Tournament ... Chartiers-Houston snapped a long drought in winning the team title at its own tournament. It's a testament to the improvements in the Bucs' program and also the quality of teams participating in the event. The Bucs have two freshmen in Tanner Sutton and Garret Vulcano who will be fun to watch for the next four seasons. ... It's unsettling that Michael Innes is hurt again. That seems to be a recurring theme for the talented C-H middleweight. ... It's going to be another long season for Washington. ... Beth-Center's Jeff Tarley is wrestling heavyweight for Beth-Center. He's put on a lot of weight since I've seen him last. ... Canon-McMillan is hosting the Class AAA individual championships for a third straight season. It was supposed to go back to Norwin but the crowds have been good at C-M and the WPIAL decided not to make the change until next season. ... Powerade Christmas Wrestling Tournament is Dec. 29 and 30 at C-M. Don't miss it.


Eastern Area

Individual Finals

103–Willie Bohince (10), Penn Trafford Dec Nick Hough (11), Mount Pleasant, 5-0
112–Ryan Bohince (12), Penn Trafford T-Fall Brett Yanok (12), Mount Pleasant, 15-0
119–Dylan Mogan (10), Bethel Park Dec Tim Connelly (11), Penn Trafford, 5-0
125–John Pezze (11), Norwin Dec Phil Kail (12), Bethel Park, 6-1
130–Dylan Matz (11), McDowell Dec John Marotto (10), Plum, 7-4
135–Steve Spearman (10), McDowell M-Dec Heath Coles (9), Norwin, 19-8
140–Matt Drabick (11), Keystone Oaks Fall Angelo Brink (12), Laurel Highlands, 4:21
145–Justin Harold (12), Kiski Area Dec Dom Pietropaolo (12), Plum, 3-2
152–Nick Carr (11), South Fayette Dec Jake Matthews (12), Penn Trafford, 12-5
160–Zack Shannon (12), Kiski Area Dec Trevor Gibson (12), Penn Trafford, 9-3
171–Nick Bonaccorsi (11), Bethel Park Dec Matt McCutcheon (9), Kiski Area, 5-4
189–Steve Ceremuga (11), Commodore Perry M-Dec DJ Martin (11), Plum, 14-0
215–Brian Hooks (12), Commodore Perry Dec Matt Grupp (12), Penn Trafford, 6-5
Hvy–Adam Lazenga (12), Bethel Park Fall Chris Hugus (12), Gateway, :27

Team Top 5
1. Kiski 225.5
2. Penn Trafford 209.5
3. Bethel Park 190
4. McDowell 177.5
5. Commodore Perry 134.5

Season Outlook – Local Teams, part 3


Key losses - Todd Miller 189, 38-6, 7th in state; Chris Clark, Hvy, 20-15

Key returnees - Jake Wisener 125, 18-16; Brett Arbes 130, 17-14; Mike Tokar 152, 19-13; Fred Garcia 171, 32-5; Neal Rands 215, 26-10

South Fayette

Key losses - Adam Zombeck 160, 14-13

Key returnees - Nick Carr 145, 38-8, 5th in state


Key losses - None

Key returnees - Mike Ardeno 125, 30-14; Mike Standish 135, 16-11; Chanc Spiker 140, 21-15; Jordan Roberts 152, 17-14; Patrick Jennings 160, 19-18; Kyle McWreath 171, 30-9; J.D. George Hvy., 18-17


Key losses - Eric Poland 189, 6-9

Key returnees - Darren Gouin 112, 7-7;


Key losses - Vince Camps 140, 27-10; John Dibuono 160, 27-12; Jacob Butcher 189, 29-10

Key returnees - Derrick Nelson 112, 32-7; Zach McGinnis 112, 24-4; Alex Teagarden 145, 23-15; Jeremy Ellis 171, 22-11

West Greene

Key losses - 119 Dajota Riffle 119, 22-9; Josh Durbin 171, 25-11

Key returnees - Colton Blumer 125, 28-7; Josh Gifford 130, 23-15; Jacob Durbin 140, 14-13

Brooke Tournament

1. Oak Glen 299
2. Calhoun Co. 248.5
3. John Marshall 214
4. Bentworth 174
5. Independence 154
6. West Greene 140.5
7. E. Fairmont 129.5
8. Brooke 122
9. Edison 73
10. Washington 27
11. Shaler 22

Individual Finals
103–Zack Brown (OG) pinned Zach Green (I) 3:08
112–Vince Vahaly (Bent) dec. Tyler Brown (OG) 8-0
119–Winston Jordan (OG) Pinned Lilly (I) 1:58
125–Hunter Wood (EF) dec. Kole Koper 6-1
130–Francis Mizia (Bent) pinned Joe Campbell (Br) 1:30
135–Colton Blumer (WG) won by default over Colton Churchill (OG) 1:30
140–Cody Clark (CC) dec. Jake Durbin (WG) 12-5
145–John McGill (OG) dec. Wade Durbin (WG) 2-0
152–Gus Mizia (Bent) dec. Ben Laughlin (CC) 6-5
160–Dylan Demain (Bent) dec. Jaret Haught (CC) 5-0
171–Aaron Yoak (CC) pinned Chris Nelson (I) 1:22
189–Justin Greathouse (OG) dec. Nate Dawson (Br) 7-3
215–Dylan Davis (OG) pinned Caden Arnold (CC) 3:44
Hvy–Curtis Van Dyke (OG) pinned Zac Townsend (EF) 4:33


Chartiers-Houston Tournament

Team Results
1. Chartiers-Houston 145, 2. Charleroi 142, 3. Albert Gallatin 135, 4. Peters Township 122, 5. Bluffton 120, 6. Upper St. Clair 111.5, 7. Fort Cherry 102, 8. SS Beaver 100.5, 9. Elizabeth Forward 96, 10. North Hills 80, 11. Jeannette 79.5, 12. Kittanning 77.5, 13. Beth-Center 66, 14. Avella 56, 15. Southmoreland 53, 16. Chartiers Valley 50, 17. Center 37, 18. Montour 31.5, 19. Freedom 30, 20. Uniontown 11.5, 21. South Park 4

Individual Finals
103–Nathan Reckner (SS Beaver) dec. Nate Robb (Kittanning) 2-1
112–Aaron Toth (Charleroi) dec. Brady Howell (Albert Gallatin) 10-2
119–Makenzie McGuire (Upper St. Clair) dec. Josh Kwasny (Charleroi) 3-1
125–Vic LiPari (Chartiers-Houston) dec. Mike McGuire (Upper St. Clair) dec. 6-4
130–Michael DePalma (Jeannette) dec. Tanner Sutton (Chartiers-Houston) 15-4 (major)
135–Josh Etzler (Eliz. Forward) dec. Josh Tropp (Upper St. Clair) 7-5
140–Chris Milligan (Albert Gallatin) dec. Colin Checkan (SS Beaver) 3-2
145–David Demor (SS Beaver) dec. Patrick Palmer (Albert Gallatin) 6-4
152–Cody Wiercioch (Charleroi) dec. Jacob Lowry (Albert Gallatin) 6-1
160–Sam Guidi (Fort Cherry) dec. Cameron Fine (Eliz. Forward) 2-0
171–Tyler Wilps (Chartiers Valley) dec. Tommy Thorpe (Charleroi) 11-4
189–Gary Kiefer (Fort Cherry) dec. Andrew Dean (Bluffton) 3-0
215–Ray Campbell (Charleroi) dec. Greg Kumer (Fort Cherry) 3-2
Hvy–Jeff Tarley (Beth-Center) pinned Nate Grandelis (Chartiers-Houston) 7:49

Third & Fourth
103–Swarrow (B-C) pinned Etzel (EF) 1:14
112–Dodd (C-H) dec. Buckiso (PT) 10-6
119–Palamides (PT) dec. Diana (EF) 4-3
125–Evanovich (PT) dec. Corman (Kitt) 6-4
130–Haines (AG) dec. Wilding (USC) 3-2
135–Lis (C-H) dec. Anthony (Kitt) 6-4
140–Bolin (B-C) dec. Gibson (NH) 5-3
145–Vulcano (C-H) dec. George (USC) 10-0 (major)
152–Magon (Av) dec. Kail (PT) 8-3
160–Amhrein (NH) won by forfeit over Stolitica (S)
171–Kitta (S) pinned Anesetti (C-H) :24
189–Seraly (PT) pinned Merkle (Free) 2:29
215–Carl (Av) pinned Lopez (Bluf) 1:27
Hvy–Linn (Charl) won by default over Garry (FC)

103–Robb (Kit) pinned Walter (S) 2:48; Reckner (SSB) dec. Etzel (EF) 2-0
112–Howell (AG) pinned Solomon (Bluf) 1:34; Toth, (Charl) dec.. Dodd (CH) 15-4 (major)
119–McGuire (USC) dec. Palamides (PT) 2-1; Kwasny, (Charl) pinned Diana (EF) 2:38
125–McGuire (USC) dec. Joly (Bluft) 9-1 (major); LiPari, (CH) dec. Thom (J) 3-1
130–DePalma (J) tech. fall over Lucarini (FC) 20-3; Sutton (CH) dec. Haines (AG) 5-2
135–Etzel (EF) pinned Anthony (Kit) 2:38; Tropp (USC) dec. Lis (CH) 5-3
140–Checkan (SB) dec. Bolin (BC) 18-8 (major); Milligan, (AG) dec. Gibson (NH) 8-0
145–Demor (SSB) dec. George (USC)14-5 (major); Palmer (AG) dec. Woodrow (PT) 13-3 (major)
152–Lowry (AG) dec. Stroupe (F) 3-1; Wiercioch, (Charl) dec. Buker (USC) 8-0 (major)
160–Fine (EF) dec. Rosenlieb (Bluf) 6-4; Guidi (FC) dec. Amrhein (NH) 4-1
171–Wilps (CV) pinned Kitta (S) 5:03; Thorpe (Charl) pinned DAbarro (PT) 2:38
189–Dean (Bluf) pinned Merkle (F) :38; Kiefer (FC) dec. Thornton (EF) 2-1
215–Kumer (FC) dec. Schmidt (Kit) 7-3; Campbell (Charl) dec. Deni (J) 5-3
Hvy–Tarley (BC) dec. Scott (Bluf) 8-3; Grandelis (CH) dec. Malcomb (SSB) 9-3


Season Outlook – Local Teams, part 2


Key losses – Rich Trybend, 145, 17-17; Joey Schneider, 160, 23-19; Marty Kisla, Hvy, 37-8
Key returnees – Ryan Dodd, 112, 23-12; Vic LiPari, 119, 30-8; Tom Orenbaum, 135, 20-8; Michael Innes, 140, 36-3.

Fort Cherry

Key losses – Andrew Lucarini 103, 34-7; Kevin Mroz 152, 20-14; Mark Zeno 160, 23-15; Jack Kramer Hvy, 20-12
Key returnees – Zach Morris 112, 20-16; Adam Lucarini 125, 26-10; Sam Guidi 171, 36-7; Gary Kiefer 189, 29-10; Corey Garry 215, 31-11


Key losses – None
Key returnees – Jim Miller 112, 25-10; Josh Forman 135, 16-15; Quincy Hathaway 152, 26-15; Tyler Perkins 189, 22-15; Zach Doman Hvy, 29-11


Key losses – Nick Whipkey 135, 22-11; Sam Scherich 140, 17-9
Key returnees – Alex Dunaway 103, 32-9, 4th in state.

Peters Township

Key losses – Nick Ceccarelli 152, 14-16; Brendan Sikora 160, 21-13
Key returnees – Derrick Evanovich 103, 25-10; Mike Buckiso 103, 14-8; Luke Palamides 112, 22-7; Zane Kail 140, 20-13


Season Outlook – Local Teams, part 1


Key losses – Mitch Spencer 135, 39-5, 4th in state; Kyle Appleby 152, 35-7; Alex Temple 189, 39-18, 6th in state; Dan Singer 215, 27-12
Key returnees – Aaron Margaria 140, 13-14; Jared Magon 145, 23-8; Nate Carl, 171, 13-9.


Key losses – Derek Anderson 189, 27-9
Key returnees – Francis Mizia 112, 29-12; Nick Smydo 125, 12-7; Dylan Demain 130, 26-10; Gus Mizia 140, 22-11; Kyle Cline 145, 17-13; Tyler Cline 215, 15-14


Key losses – Dom Moore 152, 27-10; Cody Catalina 171, 37-11
Key returnees – Erik Bolin 125, 25-14; Jordan Kinder 135, 8-7; Brandon Paper 140, 12-18


Key losses – Bryan Vallina 145, 13-7; Ryan Watson 215, 39-7
Key returnees – Tyler Rommes 103, 20-13; Erich Openbrier 119, 26-13; Mike Fleming 125, 24-12; Zach Schilinski 140, 22-17


Key losses – Ron Schram 119, 31-7; Max Russman 145, 18-12; Josh Totterdale 160, 23-13; Sam Brownlee Hvy, 32-4
Key returnees – Dario Dobbin 103, 29-9; Nick Catalano 130, 39-8, 4th in state; Sam Lombardo 140, 33-9; Colin Ryan 145, 19-8; Michael Hull 215; Cody Klempay 215, 25-15


Key losses – None
Key returnees – Aaron Toth, 103, 24-12; Josh Kwasny, 112, 33-10; Greg Black, 125, 18-17; Tom Thorpe, 160, 27-13; Ray Campbell 215, 3-1; Jake Linn, Hvy., 29-12


Season Outlook – Top Class AAA Teams

1. Connellsville

Key losses – Jake Swink, 125, 37-10; Zach Benzio, 189, 21-6
Key returnees – Tanner Wiltrout, 103, 30-12; Jerry Cramer 112, 23-18; Jesse Swink 135, 38-10; Ethan Saylor 145, 32-14; Travis Miller Hvy, 27-17

2. Derry

Key losses – Ben Myers 130, 21-13; Travis Watt 152, 25-6; Jay Whitaker 215, 32-8
Key returnees – James Gulibon 103, 39-1, state champ; Travis Shaffer 135, 36-5, 5th in state; Eric Kemp 140, 20-16; Tyler Leitza 160, 25-12; Ben Horwatt Hvy., 25-14

3. Canon-McMillan

Key losses – Ron Schram 119, 31-7; Max Russman 145, 18-12; Josh Totterdale 160, 23-13; Sam Brownlee Hvy, 32-4
Key returnees – Dario Dobbin 103, 29-9; Nick Catalano 130, 39-8, 4th in state; Sam Lombardo 140, 33-9; Colin Ryan 145, 19-8; Michael Hull 215; Cody Klempay 215, 25-15

4. Hempfield

Key losses – Jesse Reilly 130, 38-9; Jack Bachman 140, 42-7, 2nd in state; Craig Chelednik 152, 39-7; Jake Kemerer 160, 48-0, state champ; Doug Knight Hvy, 22-14
Key returnees – Paul Bewak 103, 36-12; Vinnie Vitolo 112, 20-12; Jake Vitolo 119, 21-22; Garrett Swarm 125, 27-13; Dom Testa, 145, 30-15; Dante Nania 171, 25-12

5. Hopewell

Key losses – Derhon Towler 171, 25-6; Bryan Cook 215, 22-5
Key returnees – Tim Dusch 103, 31-8; Cody Mutkus 130, 26-11; Marco Crivelli 135, 26-13; Ryan Carson 140, 28-12; Matt Hundenski 145, 42-5, 6th in state; Brian Foy 160, 34-5; Brandon Fedorka Hvy, 34-8


Season Outlook – Top Class AA Teams

1. Burrell

Key losses – Tyler Berger, 130, 30-12; Steve Shank, 160, 19-24; Derek Edwards, 189, 24-14;
Key Returnees – Chuck Makara, 112, 20-16; Jeremy Landowski, 119, 37-15, 6th in state; Dave Makara, 125, 39-12, 7th in state; Travis McKillop, 135, 37-13, 5th in state; Nolan Greenwald, 145, 24-12; Brian Beattie, 215, 34-14, 4th in state

2. Shady Side Academy

Key losses – Dane Johnson, 140, 53-2, state champ; Ian Knepshield, 152, 29-20; Roman Sandoval, 189, 51-5, 3rd in state; Tim Giel, 215, 34-18.
Key returnees – Geoff Alexander, 112, 47-9, 5th in state; Anthony Elias, 119, 24-10; Phillip Elias, 119, 35-14; Frank Martellotti, 130, 31-7, 3rd in state; Matthew Cunningham, 160, 44-3, 2nd in state; Nick Ciesielski, Hvy, 37-14

3. Chartiers-Houston

Key losses – Rich Trybend, 145, 17-17; Joey Schneider, 160, 23-19; Marty Kisla, Hvy, 37-8
Key returnees – Ryan Dodd, 112, 23-12; Vic LiPari, 119, 30-8; Tom Orenbaum, 135, 20-8; Michael Innes, 140, 36-3.

4. Keystone Oaks

Key losses – Anthony Zanetta, 119, 45-1, state champ; Christian Hudson, 160, 34-10; Tim Fawcett, 189, 18-14
Key returnees – Nick Greco, 103, 35-8; Matt Drabick, 130, 25-14; Rico Canello, 140, 25-21; Mike Kazalas, 152, 36-13; Alex Diven, 171, 19-17; Rob Valenzuela, 215, 13-12.

5. Charleroi

Key losses – None
Key returnees – Aaron Toth, 103, 24-12; Josh Kwasny, 112, 33-10; Greg Black, 125, 18-17; Tom Thorpe, 160, 27-13; Jake Linn, Hvy., 29-12